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Nick Wood

Nick Wood, Dispatch Photographer

Hey, I’m Nicolas Wood. I am a senior, this is my third year on staff, and I am a head photographer. The past two years on in newspaper have been really fun and I’ve improved a ton. Outside of school I play baseball, travel, and do photo commissions. This year I’m exited to take as many pictures as possible and help my team as much as I can.

All content by Nick Wood
Senior Goodbye: Nick Wood

Senior Goodbye: Nick Wood

Nick Wood, Dispatch Photographer
April 20, 2024
EXTRACTION TEAM: Members of bee club need to suit up in large bee-proof suits to help protect themselves from stings. These suits need to cover every inch of skin to ensure no bees can get inside. Bees die after stinging, if they are not able to sting the keepers, the bees are safer.  “We’re not in control, the bees are, and mother nature is” Nona Spillers said.

[Video] These bees buzzzzzzzzzz

Noah Bihan, Photo Essay Editor
January 26, 2024
TEDDY BEAR TOSS: Teddy bears and various stuffed animals rain from the sky after families toss them into the center of the basketball court before the beginning of the Bowie-Austin High game on Friday, December 8. The teddy bears will be donated to a local childrens hospital in time for the holiday season

[Photo] It’s raining teddy bears

Charlotte Koellner, Executive Editor: Content
January 15, 2024
RB Nathaniel Toups (Senior) makes it past the defenders and searches for a path to the end zone.

[Photo] The Dawgs take down Akins

Ben Tillisch, Executive Editor: Staff
October 22, 2023
SPEED AND STYLE: Baker turns his wheel and whips his tail at the Slaughter Creek greenbelt, where the many trails offer a large range of challenges for mountain bikers in the form of rocky terrain, big jumps, and alternate routes that vary greatly in speed. Baker has been riding these trails ever since he started biking and knows them like the back of his hand. “I love that I get to hang out with my friends and we can go on long rides around the neighborhood and around Austin, both on the road and on trails,” Baker said.

[Photo] A day in the life of a mountain-Baker

Noah Bihan, Photo Essay Editor
October 12, 2023

[Photo] Class of 2023 Who’s Who Honorees

Natalie Cullen, Online Editor-in-Chief
April 24, 2023
STOP AND THINK: Before entering each bathroom on campus students will see these posters outlining appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. Administrators hope this will improve student safety and make bathrooms a place students dont feel uncomfortable entering.

[Photo] Keeping all the bathrooms safe

Carey Wooley, Print Editor-in-Chief
February 23, 2023
THE TOSS IS UP: Winter guard members practice their new choreography during sixth period. The group had a guest choreographer come in and teach them the piece that they will be performing all season.

[Photo] Winter Guard season kicks off strong

Amilia Velez, Entertainment Editor
January 6, 2023
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