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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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Bathrooms at school are gross

Lucy Johnson, J1 Reporter January 21, 2022

Using the school bathroom can be a really uncomfortable, nasty experience. That is because they are absolutely revolting.  The custodians should not be blamed for this, it's the students that make...

 Lunch is supposed to be a time to get a break from classes, eat and spend time with friends for a bit; the social aspect of school.

Lunch isn’t long enough

Noah Ellinger, J1 Reporter January 20, 2022

There are two lunch periods at school because there are too many students to feed in just 45 minutes. My lunch is at 11 am, just a couple of hours after school starts, which means I have to wait almost...

FIT, also known as Flexible Instruction Time, is currently only 22 minutes long.

FIT should be longer

Ava Loera, J1 Reporter January 19, 2022

FIT sessions should be longer than 22 minutes. At Bowie High School there is a 22-minute special class period called Flexible Instruction Time or FIT. In that 22 minutes, which comes right after the...

With the return to in-person learning, many students have been struggling with their mental health.

Mental health days should be an option for students

Savannah Linscomb, J1 Reporter January 18, 2022

Students at Bowie High School deserve mental health days. Bowie offers an attendance incentive for finals that causes students to often force themselves to go to school when they are sick or going through...

Many high school students struggle with mental health problems and have a hard time learning how to cope.

More mental health services should be offered to students

Ava Vasquez, J1 Reporter January 17, 2022

A lot of students struggling with their mental health, which in some cases has started to affect how students are doing in school. At Bowie, students should have the option to attend a mental health service...

The transition from virtual school to in-person classes can be hard for many.

Students need more time to adjust to being back in person

Bentlee Toland, J1 Reporter January 14, 2022

Students need support and time as we transition back into in-person school from online.  I believe that students should have had some of last year's school work be retaught. It's too much to just pile...

Study guides help students prepare for tests more and better understand the material learned.

Study guides should be required

Nicholas Navarro, J1 Reporter January 13, 2022

Study guides help students’ in many ways. The most important reason and the one I am going to focus on is how it positively impacts grades. Study guides help students get better grades and do better...

Currently, school weeks are five days long.

Four day school weeks would change schools for the better

Jackson Bukowsky, J1 Reporter January 12, 2022

Students and teachers need a four-day school week for things like relaxing, catching up on grades or missing work, or even just to spend more time with friends and family I think the school board should...

Every student is given an ID at the beginning of each school year.

Student ID’s are pointless

Michael Vienneau, J1 Reporter January 11, 2022

Every Bowie student has an ID that they are supposed to carry everywhere they go. In my opinion these student ID’s are completely pointless because of how the school uses them. Student ID’s were...

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