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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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Having air conditioning in the hallways would benefit the entire student population.

Bowie needs to spend bond money on AC in the hallways

Warren Davis, J1 Reporter February 6, 2023

Bowie High School should use some of the bond money to try and get AC inside the hallway because it sucks when you are walking around to just be burning up from all the people and the temperature outside....

Everyone should learn how to use time management so they can use their time wisely and get all their work done on time and make sure it is good work.

Time management is a problem for most students

Aydan Reza, J1 Reporter January 30, 2023

Time management is a very important skill to learn since it can help you to make plans for things in the future, and get things done on time. I think that time management is very important, and that...

We must make sure that the younger generation is well-informed and prepared to put the right people in places of power and stand firm in their beliefs.

Politics have a place in school

Kevin Edwards, J1 Reporter January 27, 2023

Politics are something that affects every American. Every day, important decisions are being made, but many Americans take no interest in politics. Now more than ever it is important for Americans to be...

I believe that the best way to survive high school is through experience, and finding out what works best for a person.

High school to middle school: how Bowie could help

Charlotte Schwarte, J1 Reporter January 26, 2023

For three years in middle school, students are told what to expect in high school and how much different it is. Teachers explain how what they’re doing is preparing them for it, but when high school...

During bake sales, students in the culinary program sell a variety of treats in the courtyard.

Students enjoy culinary bake sales

Gianna Gonzales, J1 Reporter January 25, 2023

Students in the culinary program at Bowie High School have themed bake sales. Every two weeks the program creates yummy treats for $3-$4. Not only are the treats very good but they are also reasonably...

The other side of Go Guardian is the fact that people can be monitored and I don’t agree with this. This monitoring can destroy the trust of a teacher and their students.

Go Guardian is an invasion of privacy

Slyder Degelia, J1 Reporter January 24, 2023

Go Guardian is an app to monitor students' test taking. This app is used by over 10,000 plus schools worldwide. I believe Go Guardian is a trash app. I say this because for one it limits the number of...

As Austin grows rapidly, crime rates are steadily increasing day by day.

Crime in Austin on the rise affects Bowie

Madison Carby, J1 Reporter January 10, 2023

As Austin grows rapidly, crime rates are steadily increasing day by day. The community surrounding Austin is becoming unsafe. Student and parents are always worried about when the next time another horrible...

Shortages hurt the entire student body

Gabby Bochey, J1 Reporter December 14, 2022

Across the nation, there is an extreme amount of teacher and substitute positions that have yet to be filled. The lack of positions being filled is even worse in bigger cities, the salary is not nearly...

Substitute teacher Mahalak Shmi works at her desk while standing in for Special Education teacher Patrick Howe.

Teacher shortages require simple solutions

Charlotte Schwarte, J1 Reporter December 14, 2022

All across AISD, classrooms are crowded and teachers are overworked. Recently, there has been a teacher and sub shortage, mainly because AISD is paying teachers way less than a teacher could get down the...

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