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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The process of leveling down is far too stressful and overall harder than it needs to be.

The process to level down from AP classes is too difficult

Britain Emerson, J1 Reporter May 10, 2023

AP classes are appealing to high school students due to their weighted grade scale which can help with college applications. The dark side of these classes is the loads of homework and stressful difficulty....

Athletes’ schedules are crazy busy, but we still need to remember that our studies are the priority.

Student comes first for student-athletes, but the balance is difficult

Peyton Dorsey, J1 Reporter May 9, 2023

Every student athlete knows that there is a struggle between grades and sports.  It doesn’t matter if it's them or a teammate slipping up, it affects everyone.  Student athletes need to set aside time...

	Drugs and alcohol are usually used, initially, as ways to release stress. In a relationship, it becomes one of the main reasons for an argument.

The price of substance abuse and addiction

Anna Franklin, J1 Reporter April 12, 2023

Addiction is a very serious and common issue. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 21 million Americans in 2019 were dealing with substance abuse. That is six percent of the population,...

No matter what your opinion is on voting, everyone needs to vote.

Voting is Important for Anyone Eligible

Bennett Hadley, J1 Reporter April 10, 2023

Having the ability to vote as a U.S. citizen is insanely important. I think that everyone who is eligible to vote, needs to. It is a right that people a long, long time ago fought for us to have, and no...

 Learning how important diversity is in our society can encourage students to actively seek its exposure.

Diversity: setting the bar higher

Elizabeth Yowell, J1 Reporter April 6, 2023

What does ‘diverse’ mean? The textbook definition of diverse is having a variety of people from different social backgrounds. A diverse community isn’t necessarily a united one though, and it’s...

The 15 minute rule inconveniences students and should not be in place at Bowie.

15 minute rule impedes students bathroom use

Liberty Pittman, J1 Reporter April 5, 2023

Bowie High School enforces a rule that students may not leave class during the first or last 15 minutes. This prevents students from being able to use the bathroom during those times. This rule should...

I believe that if you cut back on your non-school activities you will help yourself with your own mental health.

Cutting back on non-school activities has helped with stress and mental health

Amerie Mosley, J1 Reporter April 3, 2023

When cutting back on your amount of non-school activities, you will see an improvement in both your mental health and stress levels.  I believe that this is a true statement that is worth carrying...

Incentives are only inducing stress

Incentives are only inducing stress

Chloe Gaskill, J1 Reporter February 9, 2023

At Bowie, students who have perfect or nearly perfect attendance are rewarded with incentives. Earning incentives allows students to substitute their final exam grade in one to two of their classes with...

Having air conditioning in the hallways would benefit the entire student population.

Bowie needs to spend bond money on AC in the hallways

Warren Davis, J1 Reporter February 6, 2023

Bowie High School should use some of the bond money to try and get AC inside the hallway because it sucks when you are walking around to just be burning up from all the people and the temperature outside....

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