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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The response to the threat was problematic is because it violated students’ and staff’s right to show up to school feeling safe. This includes the right to know if any activity might hinder their security.

Poor communication causes tension

Editorial Team October 19, 2023

When students arrived on campus on August 18, the first Friday of a new school year, they expected to be greeted by eagerly waiting friends and to plow through the eight long hours standing in the way...

We, the Dispatch editorial board, believe that this indictment is legally valid and sets the much needed precedent that nobody is above the law. Nobody is above accountability.

Trump’s indictment calls for accountability

Editorial Team June 30, 2023

Accountability. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, accountability can be defined as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.” On March 30,...

We at the Dispatch believe these bills are a slippery slope in the wrong direction. They are specifically designed to impede drag and LGBTQ rights as well as politicize issues that don’t require to be seen through a political lens.

State law damages drag communities

Editorial Team June 16, 2023

Children sit in awe. They witness the story of A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo and the bunny’s journey to getting married to his bunny boyfriend.  The storyteller creates worlds for the children...

This is the world we are being marched toward. One where America’s history and the cruelty of man are swept under the rug because educators are worried about fines and lawsuits that teaching history has the possibility of bringing.

Theory & race stolen from education

Editorial Team March 15, 2023

Imagine a dystopian America. One where education is regulated to be taught using less than 50 words and only 10% of history is allowed to be taught.  To everyone’s knowledge war, crime, hatred, and...

We at the Dispatch beg, urge, and demand that voters and students alike take time out of their lives to vote and share their vote.

Not voting leads to a country of chaos

Editorial Team January 18, 2023

Alarms blaring into her ears, she shoots up out of bed. Today is the day for her to vote in the midterms. She hasn’t done any research or paid any attention to who’s running. She slowly rolls back...

Strict rules and regulations in response to recent crisis lead to feelings of distrust, uncertainty, and fortitude.

Increased security creates suspicion and concern

Editorial Team October 17, 2022

Students returned to campus this year following severe violence and lack of security in Texas schools. With the need for new safety measures, Bowie has added/revised its policies to make the school a safe...

Supreme Court draft sparks concern

Supreme Court draft sparks concern

Editorial June 13, 2022

Leaked opinion draft of Roe V. Wade displays a frightful possibility for abortion restrictions  A woman walks up to a Planned Parenthood clinic, feeling nervous about having an abortion procedure even...

According to GLSEN’s 2019 School Climate Survey, almost all LGBTQ+ students, an astonishing 98.8%, have heard “gay” used in a negative context at school.

Texas government stirs up controversy

Editorial Board, Editorial Board April 26, 2022

Attorney General erases LGBTQ+ progress with homophobic claim against Austin ISD John Smith sits in his room after completing a Pride Week lesson about accepting all students regardless of who they are....

. On January 27, AISD released an update to the 2022 school calendar, giving students and teachers two days off on February 11 and March 4.

Calendar changes hurt student interests

Editorial March 8, 2022

It’s a Friday in May after a long week. You’re mentally and physically exhausted from multiple tests and countless hours of studying this week. You wish that you could get out of school a few hours...

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