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Senior Send-Off Salute allows the Class of 2020 to take one last lap around campus

Senior Elizabeth Cluchey beams as she waves to her beloved teachers. Cluchey said that upon reflection of her high school career, it would be the family she had in the Starlight Theatre Company that she will miss the most.

Cade Spencer, Managing Editor

June 8, 2020

No senior of the Class of 2020 could have predicted that the end of their senior year would consist of self-isolation and social distancing. Although there is yet to be an official graduation ceremony, loud cheers of ‘congratulations!’ still rang across the Bowie campus during the Senior Send-Off Salu...

Bowie Idol crown taken with “Queen”

Senior Ava Nielsen stands outside of her house with the Student Council sponsor Kaylin Brett, who gave her balloons and flowers. The student council also wrote Nielsen a letter congratulating her on her win.

Corinne Piorkowski, Entertainment Editor

May 14, 2020

The process of recording a video, mixing songs, coordinating outfit changes, filming different scenes, and blending it all together is not a job for just anyone, which is what it takes to participate in Bowie Idol, especially in trying times like these. Senior Ava Nielsen did all of that and more with her choreographed video to "Bohemian Rhapsody...

Students foster pets during quarantine to support shelters

Lounging together, Junior Ellie Bible’s four new foster puppies enjoy the outdoors in a deck chair. Bible and her family decided to foster Boxer and Cocker Spaniel mix puppies to help support the shelters during the pandemic.

Mia Folkers, Feature Editor

May 6, 2020

Opening your front door, you watch as a new puppy curiously runs to explore every room in the house. As its small paws quickly travel into your room, you imagine the millions of pictures and memories that are in store for you and your temporary pet. With the excitement building in your chest, you dec...

Junior spreads smiles through stickers

The sticker of ‘Googles’ the duck is placed on junior Tayah Savoy’s chromebook. This was one of junior Haley Pousson’s first stickers given to Savoy.

Miranda Cardenas, Feature Editor

May 4, 2020

Whether it be to put on a laptop, notebook, or even a water bottle, stickers can add a fun twist and decoration to a person’s everyday objects.  Being an easy way to express creativity, junior Haley Pousson has started making stickers by herself and giving them out to her friends and peers as a ...

Unique senior photoshoot addresses pandemic

Senior Cole McCarter poses for his quarantine-themed senior portrait photoshoot. McCarter thought these portraits would help people find comedy while stuck at home.

Mia Folkers, Feature Editor

April 14, 2020

With school coming to a close, you are finishing your last months of senior year, ready to embrace summer vacation. Graduation is around the corner, and you make plans with your friends for your senior trip and spend as much time together before you part ways for college. All of a sudden, a pandemic out...

The rising “flex” culture changes customers purchases

KICKED BACK: Senior Ethan Ramirez poses in front of his father’s orange Lamborghini. Although Ramirez does not drive the Lamborghini to school for saftey reasons, he does drive a 2005 Toyota Tacoma truck.

Amelie Hayne, Reporter

March 23, 2020

With the rise of social media taking over society and the constant craving for something new to show off, luxury items have started to consume the lives of students. This has slowly become known as “flex” culture, which does come at a hefty cost. Although for some students it is not just about p...

Shoe reselling kicks up a major profit

EYES UP: Junior Blake Guerra glances at his growing collection of shoes he plans to sell. Guerra’s reselling business focuses on selling what is commonly bought or trending in the market.

Mia Folkers, Feature Editor

March 17, 2020

Walking into the store, you imagine the perfect pair of shoes in your head. Searching through every pair, you finally find the perfect pair of kicks. You quickly ask for the pair in your size to find they are sold out, and you hopelessly put the shoes back on the shelf. Pulling out your phone, you fi...

The Voter Registration and Awareness Club

The Voter Registration and Awareness Club

Amorah Schultze, Feature Editor

March 10, 2020

The Voter Registration and Awareness Club was created to inform students about their options for voting and the ongoing election processes, particularly the primaries for the presidential election. Senior Liam Kornacki began the voters club at the beginning of the school year, where they meet every Wed...

Students embrace passion in surfing

Brooke Garner is a junior who has a hobby of surfing. “I started surfing when I was four years old,” Garner said. “My family owned a boat back then, so my dad was able to coach me. Currently I surf behind a boat that we rent out on Lake Travis or behind a cable at a cable park I go to called the Texas Ski Ranch.” Photo Courtesy of Brooke Garner.

Naya Tillisch, Sports Editor

February 28, 2020

Flying across the water while getting to enjoy the beautiful view, sophomore Brooke Garner has a unique hobby for someone who lives in Texas: surfing. “I started surfing when I was four years old,” Garner said. “My family owned a boat back then, so my dad was able to coach me. Currently, I surf...

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