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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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CELEBRATING WITH THE BAND: Band students parents set up the trunk of their car with decorations that correspond with their Greece inspired costumes. While this band tradition is adored by many students, parents also love joining in on the fun by bringing drinks and candy for the band students to enjoy.
Band celebrates with Trunk or Treat event
Savannah Linscomb, Print Staff • November 28, 2022

All Hallows Eve the Bowie band takes part in another intense rehearsal for their marching season, practices can be intense during this time of the year, but when practice ends the band fond themselves...

Austin Police Department brings officers to defend campus
Austin Police Department brings officers to defend campus
Donna Kim, Print Staff • November 25, 2022

For Officers Gregorio Guilbe and Christopher Mendoza, safety and security are their top priorities while being stationed at Bowie campus.  Recently however, many students have been noticing an increase...

CENTERING THE CLAY: Senior Claudia McCabe works on the first step of throwing clay on a pottery wheel. This step is called centering the clay which ensures that the piece is round and uniform.
Artists throw with new pottery wheels
Carey Wooley, Print Editor-in-Chief • November 24, 2022

For junior Mia Schwartz the sculpture classes are an opportunity to express their creativity and learn about the ins and outs of clay and other mediums. Schwartz has learned to master how to throw on a...

LOOKING IN TO THE CROWD: Seniors Jeremy Frye (left), Kyan Blacklock (second from left), Benencio Arce (second from right), and Richard George (right) wrap up their live performance at the Tunnel Vision live event.
The Formality band finds their groove
Sophia Sanchez, Feature Editor • October 24, 2022

In the garage, drums beating, guitars blaring, The Formality band practices for their upcoming show.  The group members are seniors Benencio Arce, Jeremy Frey, Kyan Blacklock, and Richard George.  “The...

WINNING THE BALL: Rowen Wells makes a tackle on an opposing player during a match. Wells is a forward for the Austin FC Academy U-17 team.
Academy standout reps Bowie
Ben Tillisch, Sports Editor • October 21, 2022

Legs pumping, Austin FC Academy forward and would-be Bowie freshman Rowan Wells commands the soccer ball at his foot, weaving in and out desperate defenders as he churns forward toward the opposing team’s...

AHH-TEN-TION: Head coach Trey Lindsey at varsity basketball giving the team directions to run the offense. Before coaching Lindsey played college basketball at St. Edwards.
A new Trey-dition for boy’s basketball
Sam Vane, Sports Editor • October 20, 2022

All great things have to come to an end sometime. In the case of Bowie basketball, it was the departure of longtime head coach Celester Collier, who retired last summer after an illustrious 31-year career...

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In my opinion, weed is something that should be legal in the USA. I think that its something that is on the same level as nicotine and alcohol and if an adult wants to use it in their free time they should be allowed to. Companies should be able to sell the product if its legal and should be informed of what the law is.
What's the big deal with Delta-8?
Cooper Lieberknecht, Digital Staff • November 18, 2022

The state of Texas is a conservative state on almost every issue. Abortion, Immigration, voter rights, the list goes on. But when people go into a gas station and see weed-like products behind the register,...

In my opinion, Ned was rightfully fired on account of the affair.
Try Guy Tries Scandal: Ned Fulmer and the affair that ended it all
Audrey Cullinane, Digital Staff • November 10, 2022

In their past eight years as YouTube personalities, the Try Guys have amassed eight million followers on their YouTube channel, went on World Tour, released a New York Times Bestselling book, written and...

In my opinion, this show shouldve never been made in the first place due to the horrific backlash that has occurred. 
The glorification of Jeffrey Dahmer is harmful
Bella Boone, Digital Staff • November 8, 2022

On September 21, 2022, Netflix released the show Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story starring American Horror Story actor Evan Peters. The crime fiction thriller has shown a side of Jeffrey Dahmer...

It wasn’t the greatest because there were only so many people in the show Sauron could have been, but it was still good and I liked the way they did it. 
Negative reviews revolving around the Rings of Power
Asher Hagan, Arts/Graphics Editor • December 6, 2022

With all of the shows coming out these days, most easily faded into the background. One thing that helps, however, is having the backbone of an already famous film franchise to boost your confidence.  In...

I recommend Wednesday to really anyone because it covers so many categories that anyone would love it. 
Tim Burton's new series sparks attention of many
Maddy Franco, Digital Staff • December 5, 2022

While attending a normal school Wednesday was the outcast but at Nevermore Academy she was still an outcast. This new Netflix show focuses on the journey of Wednesday Addams at her new school. While trying...

PAYING UP: Customers of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ pay for their lunch order. Valentina’s has been open since 2013 and has a 4.6 star rating on Google Reviews.
Best food trucks found around Austin
Claire Scott, Entertainment Editor • December 5, 2022
Four popular Austinite favorite food trucks with the best ranked menus and hospitality
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