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Advice for incoming freshman
Why teachers love their jobs

May 25, 2020

As the last week of online school comes to an end, reporters Izzy Rejino and Natalie Cullen ask Bowie teachers why they love their jobs!

Bowie Idol crown taken with “Queen”

Corinne Piorkowski, Entertainment Editor
May 14, 2020

The process of recording a video, mixing songs, coordinating outfit changes, filming different scenes, and blending it all together is not a job for just anyone, which is what it takes to participate in Bowie Idol, especially in trying times like these. Senior Ava Nielsen did all of that and more with her choreographed video to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. This five minute video won Nielsen the...

Fine Line: A fine listen

Carey Beth Wooley, Dispatch Reporter
June 1, 2020

Ever since his debut on the X-Factor in 2010, Harry Styles has held the world's focus. After One Direction started their hiatus, all the boys went their separate ways and began to release their own solo music. Harry Edward Styles started recording his self titled album in 2016 which he released in 2017. After he ended his world tour for HS1, Styles was not seen in any interviews and he did not release...

“Little Women”: an inspiring story

Ava Wong, Dispatch Reporter
May 15, 2020

Dunkirk: A film that brings a harsh battle to life

Carey Beth Wooley, Dispatch Reporter
May 5, 2020

Local stores that are still open for business

Shikha Patel, Online Managing Editor
April 21, 2020

Big production supermarkets and grocery stores such as H-E-B, Costco, Randalls, and Whole Foods are packed right now. Due to high demand for groceries as well as implementing social distancing rules, many of the supplies you are looking for may be sold out. Luckily for Austin residents, there are many smaller, local and less-busy grocery stores, supermarkets, and more that are still offering essential...

Virtual spirit week

Kaitlyn Zellner, Online Editor In Chief
April 3, 2020

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