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Trump should wait to fill Ginsburg’s seat until after the 2020 Presidential Election

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday, September 18. Ginsburg will be the first woman and Jew to be buried in state at the Capitol.

Maya Amador, Commentary Editor

September 24, 2020

On Friday, September 25, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was laid to rest in state in the United States Capitol. She is the first woman to receive this honor, which is extremely fitting for her life and legacy. Ginsburg's death was a loss felt throughout the nation, some not only mourning th...

TikTok and WeChat: Why the Trump administration shouldn’t ban foreign apps

After President Trump passed an executive order to ban TikTok, both the app and WeChat will be removed from the app store starting on Sunday, Sept. 20. The administration's actions can be attributed to fears that both companies, having originated in China, may provide access points for foreign interference with and use of American's personal data.

Natalie Cullen, Online Managing Editor

September 18, 2020

On Friday, Sept. 18, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that transactions relating to the mobile apps TikTok and WeChat would be banned. Starting on Sunday, Sept. 20 both apps will no longer be downloadable on app stores. President Trump believes that the applications pose a threat to citizens...

Our government needs to fiscally support the USPS

As a consequence of COVID-19, the majority of voting during the 2021 presidential election will be conducted via mail-in ballots. Since the USPS will play a major role in the election process, in addition to its other crucial responsibilities, the United States government should provide the USPS with needed monetary support.

Anna Holme, Dispatch Reporter

September 10, 2020

The United States Postal Service (USPS), is the public government agency that has been responsible for a large portion of America’s mail since its foundation in 1775. However, in the past 14 years, the USPS has faced some dire financial troubles, due to the rise in email and ecommerce, a decline in pap...

Performative activism does not create change; here are actions that will

On May 25, George Floyd was put under arrest for suspected forgery. Protests began after a video was released that displayed the unjustified murder of Floyd after a cop restrained him with a fatal chokehold.

Maya Amador, Dispatch Reporter

June 24, 2020

Six years ago, Eric Garner was murdered by a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer who secured him in a chokehold while arresting him, after it was suspected that Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner’s last words were the now infamous, “I can’t breathe”. Protests across the country beg...

Are the new, double-blocked practicum classes the best choice for students?

As part of an expansion of course selection in the 2020-2021 school year, several double-blocked practicum classes have been added to the school's curriculum. These classes require the completion of prerequisites in several Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) classes, and offer internships and other career training for students.

Amorah Schultze, Dispatch Reporter

May 27, 2020

James Bowie High School has added several double-blocked practicum classes to next year’s curriculum, including Practicum in Ag-Veterinary Medicine, Practicum in Floral Design, and Practicum in Hospitality Services. They apply to multi-year courses, and even more specifically they take effect for ...

Tristan Howell

Tristan Howell

May 26, 2020

My name is Tristan Howell, and I plan on attending Austin Community College. I don’t have a planed major so I am using ACC to and complete my required core classes while I search for my one. Coronavirus hasn’t affected me too harshly since I love staying at home and doing things online, and my f...

Online school poses a threat to accessible education

High school students across the nation have had to adjust to a new form of remote learning, online school, as school facilities have been closed to ensure social distancing. In order to increase participation in remote learning, Austin Independent School District has supplied students with Chromebooks and WiFi busses.

Maya Amador, Commentary Editor

May 26, 2020

Public school has its fair share of problems. From bullying to overwhelming amounts of work, students often talk about their grievances with public schools. While those problems are very much real, along with a few others, online school has raised more issues than expected.   Due to the Coronavirus, schools in Texas have been out since late March and will be for ...

Amanda Schwenke

Amanda Schwenke

May 22, 2020

Amanda will be attending the The University of Tulsa to study Psychology with a Neuroscience minor. This unconventional time has taught me to value being with my family before going off to college. I have also learned how much the Austin community supports one another with drive through birthdays...

Texas reopen policy could be harmful if not executed correctly

As of Monday, May 18, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has implemented phase two of his reopening Texas plan. Within phase two, gyms and athletic facilities, office buildings, and non-essential manufacturing sites will be able to resume operations at limited capacities.

Anna Holme, Dispatch Reporter

May 18, 2020

As Texas is beginning to reopen its economy as the stay-at-home order is slowly lifted, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding what this means for the health of Texans and businesses across the state. While I myself am not a fan of self-isolation, I believe that jumping into things too soon can do more...

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