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Anderson TFA state qualifier revealed

Azul Lin, Reporter

October 9, 2019

Last month, the Bowie Speech and Debate team continued to compete at the Anderson TFA State Qualifier, from September 27-28, to earn themselves more points in hopes of qualifying for state. This time, along with familiar faces from earlier competitions, some new names have surfaced as winners. Th...

Speech and Debate

Shruti Patel and Shikha Patel

October 8, 2019

James Bowie speech and debate season for the school year, 2019-2020.

National merit commended scholarships

Amorah Schultze, Feature Editor

October 3, 2019

The National Merit Commended Scholarship program awards a select few in the 34,000 students that place among the top scorers in the PSATs. Fifteen Bowie students have been chosen as commended students, and are provided an opportunity to gain a college scholarship. “For commended students, there aren’t an...

Suicide prevention on campus

Suicide prevention on campus

Bethany Hanson, Online Reporter

October 2, 2019

To some, the bright blue posters stapled to every teacher’s door and around every corner, you turn, are just a piece of paper, but to the person next to you, a lifesaver. September is Suicide Prevention Month, something that you’ve probably heard on the announcements or maybe one of your teachers b...

Sophomore takes volunteering to new levels

Sophomore takes volunteering to new levels

Lauren Joy, Reporter

September 26, 2019

Recently, a new club at Bowie was created to help kids in need. Kate Oelkers, the president of the new club at bowie, Children's Hospital Volunteer Club, strives to help kids at local hospitals. “I was really wanting to start a club. And I wasn't really sure what club to start. And I just though...

Lake Travis TFA State Qualifier

Azul Lin, Reporter

September 23, 2019

Last weekend, on September 20-21, the students of the Bowie Forensics team went to the Lake Travis TFA State Qualifier to compete with their skills in speech. They worked hard to earn top positions in the competition in order to confirm their spots going on to state. The Forensics team covers both speech and de...

Take this quick gun control poll

Kaitlyn Zellner, Online Editor In Chief

September 18, 2019

Click here to take the poll!

Bulldogs and Hotdogs 2019

Shruti Patel, Online Managing editor

September 14, 2019

Today, September 14th, Bowie holds their annual Bulldogs and Hotdogs event in which the Bowie community gathers to raise money for clubs and classes. The event is a creative way to gather the bulldog community, whether its middle schoolers going to attend Bowie, current Bowie students, or former Bowie...

National Merit Semifinals

National Merit Semifinals

Shruti Patel, Online Managing editor

September 13, 2019

Today we announce our senior scholars whose scores from their junior PSAT have qualified them as National Merit Semifinalists! The 2018 PSAT/NMSQT served as an initial screen of more than 1.5 million entrants to the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program. The Selection Index scores of students who me...

Debate TFA tournament

Shruti Patel, Online managing editor

September 10, 2019

Results for Leander 2019 TFA State Qualifying Tournament: New State Qualifiers: Jaden Davis and Alyssa Shumaker in Duet Acting Jaden Davis and Connor Snow in Duo Interpretation 1st place Jaden Davis and Alyssa Shumaker in Duet Acting Jaden Davis and Connor Snow in Duo Interpretation J...

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