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COME GET YOUR BOOK: Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Jensen hands off a yearbook to Ariana Ritzie during the first lunch distribution. This year’s book, similar to year’s in the past, came in three separate colored covers for students to pick from. “I really like the hidden Taylor Swift Easter eggs in the book,” Jensen said. “We named all of our colors used in the book after Taylor Swift albums which can be seen in the Colophon in the back of the book.”

Yearbook holds annual Distribution Day

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor May 30, 2022

Staff resumes its first in- person event in two years 8,317 pounds of yearbooks were hauled into the courtyard to be distributed to students and staff. With over 300 pages, the yearbook staff worked rigorously...

ZERO GRAVITY: Dorer launches himself into the air off of the raised course. Dorer enjoys riding during the weekends at House Park. “My favorite memory with my BMX bike was definitely the first time I got free bike parts,” Dorer said. “That was a really cool feeling because I knew my riding was getting more recognition.”

Wheelie into the world of BMX riding

Anna Bea Heise, Photo Essay Editor May 10, 2022

BMX riding is a lesser known sport where riders race on tracks with rollers, jumps, and turns to challenge their skills. Senior Ethan Dorer has been a competitor in this sport since his early childhood. “I...

Arms in air, senior Lauren Chou performs her solo in the spring show. Being a senior on the team, Chou is thankful to have one last performance with her team to showcase everything they have accomplished this year. “It’s a bittersweet feeling getting to perform with my team for the last time,” Chou said. “It’s especially sad since it is a lot of the seniors last time performing.”

Silver Stars perform their last show of the year

Izzy Rejino and Natalie Cullen May 3, 2022

As she goes down into the splits to hit her final pose, senior Silver Star captain Alyssa Coltharp realizes she has just finished performing her last performance as a Silver Star.  The spring show...

IN THEIR COWBOY BOOTS:  Silver Stars dance to Cotton Eye Joe in the pit. After Tyton Bensons performance in the courtyard, music played for students to dance to. “This event was especially important for Bowie this year as students are still adjusting to a “normal” school year post-pandemic,” Reese Gutshall said. “It is so important for our school to be unified as one, and lift each other up rather than drag each other down, especially after all that we have endured these past two years.”

Student Leadership boots out hate

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor April 25, 2022
Students gather in celebration of the NPFH parade
INTERACTING WITH  A POTENTIAL ADOPTER: Senior Sonny Dedmon plays with an affectionate three month old kitten that is up for adoption. Dedmon adopted his first cat at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Some of my favorite parts of fostering is seeing their personalities come out as they get more comfortable with us, freshman Adele Mattea said. The new environment is super scary for them at first and they are all at least a little skittish. The best is when they fall asleep in your lap and start to purr.

Shelters filling as pandemic-related adoptions fall

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor March 2, 2022

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people rushed to the animal shelters to adopt pets to the point that they almost emptied. However, adoption rates have slowed and many animals are left in shelters...

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: During a dress rehearsal run, senior Colette Waid reviews the lighting design before the actors begin performing on stage. Waid was cast as the lighting designer for this year’s musical and has worked in tech lighting roles since their freshman year. “I feel like, in lights, you get the most creative freedom,” Waid said. “I’m sure a lot of people think that you just sit there, you design it, and then it’s done, but it’s a lot of waiting and communicating with others. It’s a lot more than designing, it’s a lot of pre-planning.

Go behind the curtains

Anna Bea Heise, Photo Essay Editor February 28, 2022

You walk into the dimly-lit theater as you search for open seats. You sit down, feeling the excitement in the room as everyone waits in anticipation for this year’s musical to begin. You flip through...

CRY YOUR HEART OUT: With hand on heart, Jadon Demetri cries out as his character, Toad, is overwhelmed with emotion. Demetri starred in The Wind in the Willows, and his character’s obsession with cars led he and his friends to get into trouble. “I think we had very good comedy,” Demetri said. “Everyone was really good at hitting the jokes, and it seemed pretty clear as to what was going on. I personally think I could’ve picked up lines faster to have less pause in between them.”

Theater tours and performs for children

Anna Bea Heise, Photo Essay Editor December 17, 2021

The Senior Directors showcase their performances by touring at AISD elementary schools The Bowie Theater Company has been touring their Children’s Shows at AISD elementary schools since 2003. From the...

THREE, TWO, ONE, GO: Marley Anthony and Will Louis hold the lead in their three-legged race against Katherine Crosley and Ella Maedgen. Student council hosted the game, and incorporated the winter theme of the event into the three-legged race by tying the participants legs together with Christmas ribbon. My favorite part of the event was getting to sit back and see people actually participating and genuinely having some fun, project manager Ava Webber said. Its really difficult to come up with something that will engage high schoolers in general so getting to see so many people playing the games and enjoying themselves was really rewarding.

A walk down memory lane

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor December 13, 2021

Student Leadership hosts a nostalgic winter event Walking around a circle of chairs with their hearts racing, rushing to grab a seat when the Christmas music stops, high schoolers are brought back to...

ALL SMILES: Keira Folkers plays with one of her two Great Danes, Parker and Duncan. They were adopted together, as they are brothers from the same litter. “We picked Duncan and Parker for their names because my dad at first didn’t want to get dogs, and the only way we could get these dogs is if he got to name them,” Folkers said. “My dad is a huge Spurs fan so my dad picked those names after Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.”

Fact or fiction: the mere exposure effect

Anna Bea Heise, Photo Essay Editor December 7, 2021

Students share the reasons they selected the dog breeds they adopted to help debunk the psychological phenomenon The Mere-Exposure Effect is a psychological phenomenon that theorizes how people tend to...

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