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Photo Essay

EYE TO EYE: While chained to the small metal fence, Buck patiently waits for Olivas to finish her daily examination of his ears, neck and back, to ensure he is growing properly. Over the course of a year Olivas raises her two steers to livestock show standards gaining them many awards. “I have even been awarded grand champion for my steers, however it was a very small competition,” Olivas said. “And I get breed champion or reserve champion at almost every show. The lowest I’ve ranked is fourth, so I feel I’ve done pretty well even in competitive counties.”

FFA arranges interactive experiences

Emerson Traugott, Photo Essay Editor March 16, 2023

Hiking up the hill blanketed in dead grass which acts as a direct pathway to the barn and stables that house animals ranging from turkeys to steers, is a daily experience for students raising livestock...

FISTS TO THE SKY: Members of the Starlight Theater Company (STC) hold their hands up high as they beam their smiles into the audience. The whole cast gathered together onstage to joyfully thank the students and staff who took the time to come out to the theater to watch their show. “I really believe that all of our audiences enjoyed the show,” Fleming said. “We put our all into every production, every night. We really tried to make sure everyone in the audience left the theater feeling happy and fulfilled with the show we put on for them.”

Newsies actors shine bright on stage

Arden Ray, Photo Essay Editor February 24, 2023

Crumpled newspapers flying through the air and into the audience, singing, dancing, intricate set designs, and emotional expressions. That’s what the James Bowie High School Starlight Theater Company...

Twist and flip: Sophomore Cedric Walls takes a head dive toward the concrete wrapping his legs around his opponents as he tries anything to secure his victory and win the once-every-year competition. Filled with a competitive spirit the whole game Walls is playing to win. “I think it’s important to have a Fall Festival because it allows us to really get out of class and have fun with our friends while also exploring that community aspect of Bowie High School,” Walls said. “It was very fun and fulfilling [winning musical chairs], I got some bragging rights which was the best part.”

Student Leadership hosts annual Fall Fest

Emerson Traugott, Photo Essay Editor December 27, 2022

All in 45 minutes, students’ spirits are uplifted as each grade is able to enjoy a stress-free festival on the last day before Thanksgiving break. During this time students were given the opportunity...

NO LIMIT: As Gum glides his bow across his string playing the beginning chords of his award-winning original piece, Redwood Suite. Inspired by numerous artists, mainly those of the impressionist period, Gum’s talents and cultivation of talent have allowed him to participate in opportunist he never would have thought about. “To have a symphony premiered by the symphony orchestra that you’ve grown up seeing and admiring was just really cool, and unlike anything, I’d ever done before,” Gum said. “It was also just really special because I was able to collaborate with all of my friends, and I met a lot of cool people through that experience.”

Music unlocks the door to opportunities

Emerson Traugott, Photo Essay Editor December 12, 2022
Experienced cellist and composer William Gum makes notable new achievements
FRIENDLY FACES: A student drys off a dog after a bath. Through interacting and taking care of the dogs, students were able to make close connections and friendships with them. Every dog has their own personality, senior Ali Pool said. I got to work with these dogs with the same sort of personality span as humans would. So its like talking to a friend and helping them with what they need.

FFA holds dog grooming day

Becca Catlow, Photo Essay Editor December 9, 2022
Faculty & staff drop off animals for a day of pampering
PUMPKIN PASTIES: Junior Maly Janicek grabs a pumpkin pastie during the bake sale. Pumpkin pasties, another treat from the Harry Potter series, are pastry pockets with a pumpkin filling.

Double, double, toil and bake

Vivi Lopez-Stern, Digital Staff October 21, 2022

Something wicked this way comes with the culinary department’s preparations for a bewitching bake sale. From puffed pastry to butter beer, students have cauldrons full to the brim with treats to distribute. Culinary...

STANDING OUT: Lucy’s store front includes an unmistakable zebra statue placed in the middle of the roof: dressed in a colorful costume and striking a pose.

Final goodbyes to Lucy in Disguise

Emerson Traugott, Photo Essay Editor October 19, 2022
Local costume store closes at the end of the year impacting teachers and theatre students
COME GET YOUR BOOK: Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Jensen hands off a yearbook to Ariana Ritzie during the first lunch distribution. This year’s book, similar to year’s in the past, came in three separate colored covers for students to pick from. “I really like the hidden Taylor Swift Easter eggs in the book,” Jensen said. “We named all of our colors used in the book after Taylor Swift albums which can be seen in the Colophon in the back of the book.”

Yearbook holds annual Distribution Day

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor May 30, 2022

Staff resumes its first in- person event in two years 8,317 pounds of yearbooks were hauled into the courtyard to be distributed to students and staff. With over 300 pages, the yearbook staff worked rigorously...

ZERO GRAVITY: Dorer launches himself into the air off of the raised course. Dorer enjoys riding during the weekends at House Park. “My favorite memory with my BMX bike was definitely the first time I got free bike parts,” Dorer said. “That was a really cool feeling because I knew my riding was getting more recognition.”

Wheelie into the world of BMX riding

Anna Bea Heise, Photo Essay Editor May 10, 2022

BMX riding is a lesser known sport where riders race on tracks with rollers, jumps, and turns to challenge their skills. Senior Ethan Dorer has been a competitor in this sport since his early childhood. “I...

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