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Junior Brooke Forsyth poses for a photo while working a shift at Sonic. Under Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s orders, essential businesses such as restaurants like Sonic will remain open during quarantine but must follow social distancing policies.

Faith Lawrence, Managing Editor

May 14, 2020

Being stuck in a nationwide quarantine for almost 10 weeks has proved to be a struggle for me. I am finding that the longer quarantine continues, the less motivation I have to do simple things like write an essay, work on math problems or even just go outside and walk my dog, which I’m sure many o...

Faith’s Photos: Celebrating Earth Day with travel photography

I took this photo while on a cruise in Alaska. I took an excursion on a small ferry in Juneau where I got to see glaciers and Alaska marine life up close. The land surrounding the river was very mountainous and foggy, and I even got to see a mother bear with two of her cubs.

Faith Lawrence, Managing Editor

April 22, 2020

My family has been hosting family reunions every other year since 1990. Since I was born, I have gone to every single reunion. Each reunion is held in a different state, and when we visited those states, my parents and I would travel to the nearby states as well. When I was about five years old, my ...

School sculptors prepare to ace VASE

LAUGHING WITH FRIENDS: Senior German Julbe hangs out in the art garage, laughing and joking with friends. According to Julbe, he has created many memories from the class over the past couple years. “Just being with and hanging out with my friends in class is probably my favorite memory,” Julbe said.

Abbey Repka, Photo Essay Editor

February 21, 2020

Students in all visual art classes make dazzling work to compete in state wide competition at the end of February Starting with just a chunk of clay, sculptors are able to mold it into a beautiful piece of artwork with minimal effort. Students in all art classes are creating original pieces of work...

Big Fish makes a spectacular splash

THE SMOOCH OF A LIFETIME: After three years of waiting, Edward Bloom played by junior Jaden Davis, finally finds the love of his life, Sandra, played by senior Gillian Griffis. He worked for a circus master during those three years and every month he would give him a clue of his mystery girls identity, with his last clue being that she loved daffodils. “Before walking on stage for daffodils I take a second to get in character  and fall in love with this man in front of me,” Griffis said. “And the music carries me away to the last second and just like any other piece of blocking, we kiss.”

Rae Gray, Photo Editor

February 21, 2020

Fine arts works hard to put on their whimsical musical As the lights flicker in the theater signaling to the buzzing audience that the show is ready to commence, the actors ready themselves for a show of a lifetime. Technical managers and actors had spent countless nights at rehearsals and hours perfe...

Part of a bigger team: individual sports

TAKING IT TO THE WALL: Gasping for air, junior William Noser sprints to the wall on his 50 yard freestyle. Noser clocked in at the end of the race with a 26.6 second time, placing fourth in his heat. “The 50 yard freestyle is one of my favorite events to swim because its super fast paced and it is just a full on sprint,” Noser said. “When you get to the wall and you’re looking up at the time board all of the hard work really pays off. I especially love swimming it at the Aggie Land meet because the pool is really nice.”

Rae Gray, Photo Editor

December 31, 2019

How athletes in individual sports still act as a team despite competing on their own It’s six in the morning, the swim team is huddled in their layers of sweat pants and jackets as they dread the prospect of getting into the outdoor pool and braving the thirty-three degree weather together. Despite co...

Behind the scenes: athletic trainers

HANDING OUT WATERS: Seniors Cara Spradling, Sarah Clements, and Caitlyn Sanchez walk off the field from delivering water to the players.  Spradling has been a trainer for two years and has seen lots of injuries. “This one kid on the freshman team had bursitis and I got to tape it and when we got back to the trainers got to help pop and drain it,” Spradling said. “I really enjoyed it because I got hands on experience with injuries.”

Abbey Repka, Photo Essay Editor

November 18, 2019

The responsibilities of student trainers that keep players healthy, on the field and ready to win Running around finding all the medical kits and refilling all the water bottles they might need is a pretty common pre-game activity for the athletic trainers. Athletic trainers Brittani Thibodeaux an...

Fall festival is a pumpkin-smashing hit

CLAP YOUR HANDS: Clapping their hands with the growing crowd in the pit, seniors Lisa Wilkerson and Kendall Oh lead the dance to the Cupid Shuffle. The people in the pit were excited to hear the classic song and dance together. “I really like dancing, and I think that when people see me dancing it gives them the confidence to join in too, so I have to make it big,” Wilkerson said.

Rae Gray, Photo Editor

November 5, 2019

Students unwind after a hard day of PSAT testing with games and treats Loud music, games, tickets and prizes awaited students after a long day of PSAT testing earlier this month. The Student Leadership class organized the Fall Fest in order to provide students with a way to unwind after the stressf...

Beekeeper keeps community bee-utiful

HARD AT WORK: Jayden’s bees are hard at work producing honey. On the left is the empty honey cones, and on the right is the honey cones filled with honey. “I wasn’t planning on collect- ing honey at all this year, but I checked on them one day and I noticed that they had produced a lot more than I thought,” Wu said.

Rae Gray, Photo Essay Editor

October 22, 2019

GETTING STARTED Over the past six months, junior Jayden Wu has been working to preserve bees in his own home. After hearing that bees are dying, Wu started the process of becoming a beekeeper. “I decided to get into beekeeping because I heard that bees were at risk of becoming endangered,” Wu ...

Theatre takes a journey ‘Into the Woods’

DANCING WITH THE BIG BAD WOLF: Junior Haley Pousson dances with Junior Jaden Davis and his entourage of wolves. Pousson played the role of Little Red Riding Hood, while Davis played The Big Bad Wolf. “Little Red is on a journey to bring bread and supplies to her grandmothers house in the woods,” Pousson said.

Abbey Repka, Photo Essay Editor

October 11, 2019

To listen to the latest podcast for a behind the scenes look at Into the Woods click here! Advanced musical theatre classes produce their take on another classic production As the curtain opens and the spotlight reflects off the stage, you can almost feel the audience’s anticipation and excitement in the air. Students in advanced music...

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