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The student news site of James Bowie High School

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The student news site of James Bowie High School

The Dispatch

Recent activity from celebrities across all platforms on the web are sparking a new debate on what people can and can’t say to millions through a screen. 

Free to speak

Isabella del Nido, Print Editor-in-Chief January 17, 2023

A student just got home from school, they finally throw their backpack off after a long day and decide to open their favorite app, Twitter and the first thing they see is a tweet from Kanye “Ye”...

Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off tasks, or a set of tasks till a later date. What makes procrastination a problem to those who do it is the self-awareness of their intentions.

Students suffer at the hands of time: the root of procrastination in high school

Ava Wong, In-Depth Editor January 12, 2023

With sleepy eyes, senior Ben Yao glances at the clock above his desk.  “11:00 pm.”  It has been six hours since he got home from school, but he hasn’t done anything. With an AP Lit essay due...

As planets transit through the zodiac signs, they bring their own influences to the body. Based on this, astrology and medicine can go hand-in-hand.

Deep within the stars

Isabella del Nido, Print Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2022

Twinkling, shimmering stars shine down as rays of guidance coming from the cosmos, giving a new definition to reaching for the stars. After all, it’s not rocket science.  For some, Western astrology...

Though there is an attempt to recycle in classrooms, lack of education on the recycling process leaves many on campus incorrectly disposing of their waste. 

Keeping campus clean

Ava Wong, In-Depth Editor December 8, 2022
Bowie students and staff are empowering others to positively impact the environment
The attention to teenage substance abuse and overdose leaves many questioning the root of the problem, why so many teens are turning to substance use in the first place.

Under the influence: teenage substance abuse

Ava Wong, In-Depth Editor October 27, 2022

A teenage student stumbles into their first period English class an hour late. Their dilated and bloodshot eyes match their flushed skin. Their hands jitter as they sit down and try to pay attention to...

Roe’s reversal has shaken ground and will most likely leave a mark on American history. In a future of uncertainty, each state has a choice to make. Future voters can be a part of that choice.

Roe V. Wade

Isabella del Nido, Print Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2022

The votes are in.  In a 5-4 majority, Roe v. Wade came to a screeching stop on June 24, 2022. 49 years later, women are now dealing with the repercussions of living in a post-Roe world.  This opinion...

23% fewer
students of color were 
admitted to highly 
selective schools 
after affirmative 
action was 
banned. 80% 
of all U.S college students were white in 1976. By 2016, that percentage has dropped to 57%.

The race of the races

Ava Wong, In-Depth Editor June 7, 2022

Jane Doe keeps her head down as her college counselor questions her about her college plans. “Jane? Are you there?” says the counselor. The truth is, Jane has no college plans. She never expected...

Even when the violence subsides, many are left to pick up the pieces of their mental health.

The Face of Domestic Violence

Isabella del Nido, Double Truck Editor June 1, 2022

An ongoing court case showcases the ins and outs of abusive relationships Each day, you walk down the halls and see the same thing. Regularly you see two people walking close, maybe even holding hands,...

The most hotly contested books are targeted by parents and conservative politicians.

Education censorship: banning books and limiting curriculum

Anna Holme, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2022

Librarian Tara Walker-Leon is ready if she needs to be. Armed with Austin Independent School District’s (AISD’s) challenged book policy, she prepares herself to defend against any possible objections...

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