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In the new online PSAT and SATs, the time to complete the tests have been shortened, but both previously separate math sections are now combined and a built-in calculator is always available.
Students and staff prepare for College Board changes
Alec Morse, Dispatch Reporter • February 22, 2024

Testing is a vital part of education and is used to show that you understand the subject. Test scores are also used by colleges to choose who they accept. Because of this, streamlining the testing process...

SOARING THROUGH THE SKY: A family enjoys their day out with their children at Cosmos Coffee. Even though Cosmic Coffee serves alcohol, this coffee shop is very family friendly for a perfect day.
Perfect Jitterbug Getaway at Cosmic Coffee
Fiona Padalino, Dispatch Reporter • February 21, 2024

Are you ever looking for that perfect shot of energy to help you throughout the day, but you just can’t find the right place? Well, I am here to help you quench that yearning for the perfect coffee drink....

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Fall into flavor with the culinary class

Students create cinnamon and pumpkin spice treats to purchase at seasonal bake sale
Nick Wood
FILLING THE MUFFIN TRAY: In the loud, bustling culinary classroom, seniors Erin Cain and Bodhi Rosen collaborate in perfect harmony, working together to focus on creating fresh banana bread muffins for the hungry student body. Cain carefully scoops the banana muffin batter into a muffin tray, while Rosen holds the edges of the batter bowl, keeping it steady for the next scoop. “There was a lot of thought and care that went into the baking process,” Rosen said.

The air is filled with the inviting aroma of freshly baked pumpkin spice bars, cinnamon-laced snickerdoodle cookies, and banana bread muffins, offering a comforting seasonal embrace to all who walk past the culinary kitchen. As culinary enthusiasts gathered, the Bowie courtyard resonated with the nostalgia and warmth of traditional, home-baked favorites.

“I think the first bake sale has been quite successful,” senior Bodhi Rosen said. “People seemed to really enjoy the baked items we made today.”

The pumpkin bars, in particular, stood out as crowd-pleasers. Their unique combination of ingredients added a touch of novelty to the baking process.

Noah Bihan

“My favorite is definitely the pumpkin bars,” senior culinary student Lexi Lashinger said. “They taste really good, and they smell amazing.”

OVEN BOUND: The smooth and creamy banana bread muffin batter is gently dropped into its tray, ready to be baked to perfection. The muffins were a fan favorite from the bake sale, selling out during both lunches. “Fluffy and sweet, perfect for a mid day treat,” senior Blane Vidotto said. (Nick Wood)

While many culinary students have honed their baking skills in the classroom, it’s evident that for most, their passion extends beyond the school walls. Baking is a cherished hobby for many, providing a creative outlet for their rich and delicious aspirations.

“It was a bit of a pickup hobby for me,” Lashinger said. “I started cooking about four years ago, but I quickly discovered my passion for baking, too.”

This school year Bowie’s culinary program is under the guidance of a new chef, Rick Howard, and the program has undergone quite a few exciting changes. Instead of focusing on making as many products for bake sales as in previous years, the class now focuses on creating a realistic and professional kitchen environment.

“Preparing for bake sales has been quite the experience with this year’s changes,” culinary co-president Will Louis said. “We put a lot more attention into all the recipes and we make a test batch about two days before the sale.”

READY TO LEARN: Juniors Jacob Galan, Breck Radloffe, and Layla Burns gather around Chef Howard, listening attentively to his instructions. They are learning the order of steps to take in order to perfectly prepare their muffin batter. “We’ve been putting a lot more attention into all the recipes this year,” Will Louis said. (Nick Wood)

The Bowie culinary program will continue their frequent courtyard bake sales, featuring more delicious treats than in previous years.

“Last year we would make 500 of one item,” Louis said. “Rather than making 100 of five items, like we do this year.”

This year’s new culinary advisor, Chef Howard has expressed more active involvement in bake sales. Compared to previous culinary teachers, his teaching style has added a professional touch to the program, creating a dynamic and engaging environment where culinary exploration can thrive among talented bakers.

“He was very involved with our first bake sale compared to our chef last year,” Louis said. “His guidance has been super beneficial and although the first years were sort of quickly thrown into it, they’ve been really good at learning and adapting to the whole new way of things.”

FOCUSED ON FUNDS: Lexi Lashinger efficiently works the cash register, while Georgia Schmitt sells treats to a crowd of students. It’s a moment of culinary delight and camaraderie in action. “People really like the baking items we made for today,” Bodhi Rosen said. (Nick Wood)
CREATING A LEGACY: Second year culinary student Erin Cain leads first year juniors Ava Stewart and Lily Flanigan, teaching them the precise amounts of muffin batter to place in the tray. This bake sale being the first of the year, several first year students were excited to experience their first bake sale ever. “Many first year students are excited for a chance to learn cooking skills in the classroom, and sell their creations outside of the culinary kitchen,” Lexi Lashinger said. (Nick Wood)
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