Senior Goodbyes

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Senior Goodbyes

Photo by: Peter Dang

Photo by: Peter Dang

Photo by: Peter Dang

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We started this year with an open letter to our Bowie community: a promise to do our best in proper coverage, correct any mistakes that occurred, and do justice to our role as student journalists. Through maintaining that promise, we learned about the continued importance of factual reporting, the effects of infographics, and that we really need to remember to brighten photos.

Even through our senioritis, we stayed after school going insane, editing stories, and pushing our staff. This year, our dedication has paid off through 135 individual awards and 10 staff awards. The graduating seniors leave with 175 individual awards from all of their years on staff, the most any class has won in Bowie’s history.

Although the four of us are incredibly proud of all that our staff has accomplished, we know that as we go our separate ways in life, the things we will look back on are the experiences we’ve had. Evacuating from the San Francisco convention hotel at 3 a.m., going through every single font in InDesign, Saturdays spent at Bowie to crank out the paper, and discovering the perfect grilled cheese recipe (hint: shredded cheese and mayo).

We wouldn’t have made the memories and skills that we did without the support of our community. Thank you to the administration and the teachers— for putting up with our pestering questions and encouraging us to pursue topics of relevance. To our wonderful janitors— for putting up with our late hours and scary piles of food. To our family, our staff— we couldn’t have asked for a stranger group of weirdos to share this year with, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. To Reeves— for your constant support of us and our vision, for knowing when to guide us but also for trusting us to make it our own. And to queso.

Each graduating senior has written a farewell letter to their peers, family, and all those who helped them throughout the years. Below is a list of our graduating staffers paired with their job title from this year. Each has a link to their goodbye letter, we urge you to read them and get a deeper understanding of their hard work an dedication these four years. All of their work is also on our website, feel free to dive into their accomplishments.

Jadon Alvarez News Editor

Natalie Aman Dispatch Reporter

Rachel Baschnagel Copy Editor

Sam Blas Sports Editor

Emily Breach Dispatch Reporter

Jake Brien Commentary Editor

Jocelyn Brooks Managing Editor

Cianna Chairez Editor-In-Chief

Gigi Francis Dispatch Reporter

Madisen Johnson Feature Editor

Austyn Keelty Photo Essay Editor

Ian Miller Commentary Editor

Joe Morales Art/Graphic Editor

Abby Ong Editor-In-Chief

Mo Orr Online Editor-In-Chief

Shelby Papst News Editor

Maddy Rice Managing Editor

Preston Rolls Photo Essay Editor

Dalton Spruce Dispatch Reporter

Caitlin Worthington Dispatch Reporter

Mikayla Zellner Entertainment Editor