Fisher, Hunter Amidon ranks at the national competition

Shikha Patel, Dispatch Online Reporter

Waiting patiently for a tug on your hook may seem frustrating for many people however for Junior, Hunter Amidon this has become a daily hobby.


HS Angler National Ranking was a opportunity for High School students to experience competitive fishing and understand the guidelines.


“You’re  tournaments go into a table and you get points for places, amount of weight and how many people are in the tournament,” Amidon said. “The type of fishing was five fish limit, you catch five fish.”


To rank and perform well, Amidon has practiced his whole life and set up his equipment to make sure it is ready for the competition.


“To prepare I pre-fish, try to get my boat together and get everything in my boat and travel,” Amidon said. “We travel all around the state.”


Junior, Hunter Amidon has been fishing for years. Ranking in the nation for Angler National ranking is just the next step in Amidon’s fishing career.


“I ranked third in the competition, you compete with people in the nation, I have been fishing forever,” Amidon said. “It is my favorite hobby and it is what I love to do.”