The Mandalorian surpasses outlooks


Colin Barnes

From exhilarating in-space battles to visually stunning works of CGI, season three of The Mandalorian has its fans on the edge of their seats, as director Jon Faverau takes you along the journey of a seemingly cold-hearted Mandalorian and his mysterious green friend. 

Claire Scott, Reviews Editor

The dry gusts of wind howl through the canyons of planet Arvala-7, faint voices in an alien language from a near-by town carry throughout the quiet desert, and suddenly the silhouette of a man dressed head to toe in pristine metal armor enters the frame.

Taking first place on the Disney Plus Top-Ten Best Shows, according to Digital Trends, The Mandalorian has made a huge comeback this year, and I only expect the show to gain more popularity throughout the year.

Although the idea of a human-like protagonist venturing throughout the wonders of the universe seems overdone by the film industry, you simply cannot get away from the fact that the Star Wars saga blows it out of the water in terms of casting, plot-lines, and outstanding reviews every time a new production is dropped. 

To no surprise, season three of the Mandalorian has left fans in complete awe of what the entertainment industry is capable of creating.

The show made its first appearance on Disney Plus on November 12, 2019. And since then, two more seasons have been produced in October of 2020 and March of 2023.

Since the release of the third season, the show as a whole has received countless positive reviews on social media, including but not limited to TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. The Mandalorian has brought in over 90 million new subscribers to Disney Plus, and Disney expects to reach 230 million subscribers by the end of 2024.

From exhilarating in-space battles to visually stunning works of CGI, season three of The Mandalorian has its fans on the edge of their seats, as director Jon Faverau takes you along the journey of a seemingly cold-hearted Mandalorian and his mysterious green friend. 

To paint the picture of season one, we are introduced to a lone bounty hunter by the name of Din Djarin, played by Pedro Pascal, who travels the galaxy in his spaceship, the Razor Crest. But he then finds himself in a tricky situation when he receives a job from the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, while occupying planet Nevarro.

Season two was also a thrilling watch. Djarin becomes more acquainted with Grogu, the alien child that he must return to his home. The two friends continue to explore the galaxy, making both allies and enemies. Towards the middle of the season, Djarin starts to notice that in order to find Grogu’s home, he must locate his own people, on the planet of Mandalore. 

Season three was the perfect follow up to the previous seasons. Not only that, but the quality of seasons one and two can’t come even close to competing against season three. 

Just about every character in the latest season is significantly more well-rounded. The storyline has also improved, there are not as many noticeable plot holes that leave everyone questioning the show as a whole. 

Throughout the whole series, Pascal has played Djarin wonderfully. After watching the full show, I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role better. 

As expected, new characters are introduced into season three. Although these characters are new to the film, their roles still follow along with the Star Wars saga.

In some of the latest episodes, the show brings in Captain Tuttle, played by Tim Meadows, who is a colonel that worked for the New Republic. Bo-Katan Kryze, played by Katee Sackhoff, also rejoins the plot as a Mandalorian Lieutenant to Pre Vizsla.

Because these well-known actors have been casted, their presence has drawn in new fan-bases, such as watchers of Another Life, Battlestar, Galactica, and the Mean Girls series. This is a contributing factor as to why the new season picked up so much viewership.

Before mentioning more exceptional commentary about the new season, it is worth pointing out the negative features as well. 

The latest episodes have way too many side quests incorporated into the overall plot, and it becomes overwhelming at times as a result. The dialogue has a lot of unneeded fluff, which is also contributed to the fact that there are too many subplots

Just about every Star Wars movie or show also has a red herring incorporated in the storyline as well. But the multiple ones in season three of The Mandalorian are very easy to see ahead of time. 

In terms of seriousness surrounding the plot, the latest season severely lacks that concept. A show like this should be more mature, but because the character Grogu is interpreted as a child-like figure by fans, it takes a serious toll on the series to the point where it seems like the show is geared toward children, even though the recommended watching age for it is 14 and older.

In terms of the incorporated comedy within the plot, the latest season gravely falls short of that concept. The writers can barely seem to land a joke on the audience, which isn’t a good quality since children consequently like to watch this series alongside their parents supervision. 

The comedic moments in the episodes are weak, and sit awkwardly with watchers. I don’t recommend children under the age of seven watch this because there is a strong potential for boredom. 

But all negative aspects aside, season three of The Mandalorian still takes the cake for being the theatrical masterpiece that it is. The features that make this series amazing strongly outweigh what drags the show down. As provided by Google Reviews with an overall ninety five percent of watchers enjoying the show, ninety one percent from Rotten Tomatoes, and 8.7 of 10 stars from IMDb. 

These statistics are eye-opening, considering how recent the drop of the new season was. Thus proving that the Star Wars saga continues to leave fans pleasantly surprised. 

Referencing from Google Reviews, many watchers said that the directors continue to cultivate phenomenal episodes, which I agree with entirely. And from Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers rave about how action-packed and expertly-crafted the latest season is. 

Season three of The Mandalorian deserves all the attention it has been getting from Star Wars fanatics. The pure talent radiated off of each character, enticing storyline, and stunning film sets are sure to leave you wanting more of this series.