Jacksepticeye documentary review


Lauren Bogard

Jacksepticeye has had merchandise created to advertise the documentary.

Lauren Bogard, Staff Writer

For all Jacksepticeye fans, get your tissues ready and sit back as Jack’s How Did We Get Here live stream tour brings you on a journey throughout his life.

Sean Mcloughlin, also known as infamous Irish YouTuber Jackspeticeye, had his documentary premiere on February 28, exclusively to the streaming platform Moment House. Tickets to see the documentary were about $17 each, the afterparty tickets were about the same amount, and the meet and greet tickets were about $50. I purchased both the standard ticket and the afterparty ticket. Unfortunately, the meet and greet tickets sold out within the first day of announcing the pricing.

Watching a documentary delve into the personal life of an infamous YouTuber was an experience. Being a huge fan, I felt inspired and empathetic toward many of the struggles and happy moments that Jack went through during his progression to success. His words put a smile on my face and I teared up twice. Jack spoke less about himself and more about how his fans were impacted and how they provided for him. More importantly, he reviews how he got to where he was through hard work and dedication. His ending message in the documentary is that we shouldn’t give up and we should write our own story and success.

After purchasing tickets for the afterparty and the main event, I was placed in a traditional live streaming room with other people that purchased the same ticket as you. You could chat and see the timer till the documentary would be released. The community by itself was mostly respectful and very positive, it was fun meeting people with similar interests. The same formatting and chat option was available for the afterparty that only opened a little time after the documentary was accessible. You were able to rewatch the afterparty and the documentary itself for a couple of hours after it first streamed. 

At the afterparty, he addressed how grateful he was that people wanted to hear Jack’s thoughts on the documentary and his process of going through everything. After thanking his fans I discovered that you could rewatch the documentary and afterparty for a few hours after it ended before it went away permanently. So yes I decided to rewatch an hour and a half documentary and hour-long afterparty at 2 in the morning to make sure that I got the full experience. I know what you’re thinking; 2 am in the morning for a documentary about a YouTuber’s life? One hundred percent don’t regret it.

Originally I was a bit disappointed to see that the documentary couldn’t be viewed by fans that were from certain areas of the world, only in Europe, the UK, Africa, North and South America (east and west), Asia, Australia, and lastly New Zealand. However, Jack sent a follow-up video about a day after the documentary and informed fans that he was working hard to make the documentary available to everyone. Jack’s attention to his fans’ wants is both endearing and well done as a content provider.

The How Did We Get Here documentary is truly a heartwarming behind-the-scenes look at how Jacksepticeye managed his early life in the big world. I’m looking forward to the rest of his fanbase having an opportunity to watch and enjoy this like I did.