NBA All-Star game creates controversies


Alex Edwards

Every year, a team of the top NBA players are picked by fans and voters on who should represent each conference in the All-Star game.

Sam Vane, Dispatch Reporter

The pinnacle of NBA achievements is the All-Star game. Every year, a team of the top NBA players are picked by fans and voters on who should represent each conference in the All-Star game. But with voting there’s always controversies on who should have made it and who shouldn’t have.

Drew Wayman, a sophomore who is an avid basketball fan, was very surprised with some of the selections.

“I think Andrew Wiggins being a starter was very surprising,” Wayman said. “He’s not that good. And the Warriors fans voted him in.” 

Fan voting was also called into question this year after the selection of Andrew Wiggins.

“Fan voting shouldn’t be abolished because I think it’s still important to vote for what the fans think,” Wayman said. “But maybe it should be a smaller percent of the selections.”

Snubs are also a common occurrence when picking the NBA all-stars.

“I think Shai Gielgous-Alexander was a big snub for starters because he had better stats than Wiggins and is a better player, so Shai definitely should have been there,” Wayman said.

Snubs don’t just apply to the All-Star starters as sophomore basketball player Mason Wasserburger thinks a key player was also left off the list.

“Jaylen Brown was the biggest snub because he is super underrated and under-appreciated as he’s averaging 23 points six rebounds and three assists,” Wasserburger said.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, surprises are also a highly talked about point of the All-Star selections.

“The Biggest surprise is Fred VanFleet because he went under the radar but he’s leading the raptors to a good record,” Wasserburger added.

Sophomore Leiton Nguyen however went a different direction with his biggest All-Star surprise.

“In my opinion the biggest all star surprise was Draymond Green, as he’s only averaging seven points, seven rebounds, and seven assists,” Nguyen said. “Another surprise was seeing Andrew Wiggins get selected as a starter, whereas some guys currently playing at a higher level, such as Karl Anthony Towns (KAT) and Luka (Doncic) are reserves.”

Nguyen also went against the grain with his biggest snub choice.

“To me, the biggest snub was Jrue Holiday, as he’s been playing really well, and I think could have been picked over either (Fred) VanVleet or (Darius) Garland,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen also added his feelings for the All-Star game.

“I’m really excited this year to watch the game and hopefully it’s one of the best,” Nguyen said.