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FAFSA delays cause missed chances
FAFSA delays cause missed chances
Madeleine Travis, Commentary Editor • June 9, 2024

Put yourself in a scenario where you’re applying for college and the thing that could make or break your acceptance just got delayed until December. All of your plans were to apply to college in October...

SHELVES STOCKED: The party section at Daiso Japanese retail store is stocked with numerous festive items. The store is located in Sunset Valley.
Daiso Japanese retail store location opened in Austin
Bentlee Toland, Review Editor • June 8, 2024

The bright lights shine on the customers filled with excitement after waiting in line to enter the new Daiso Japanese store at The Sunset Valley  5400 Brodie Ln Ste 990, Austin, TX 78745. It’s 10,000...

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Freshman Lady ‘Dawg track hotshot

Ellie Grigsby is an unstoppable athlete competing in multiple different relays and events
Photo Courtesy of Sofia Flores
RUNNING FOR GLORY: Freshman Ellie Grigsby finishes an important hand-off to keep Bowie’s chances of winning alive. Grigsby had a very successful first track season as a bulldog.

Running towards victory, Freshman Ellie Grigsby completes a hand-off during a relay at a track meet. Grigsby is a multi-sport athlete and is one of the most successful freshmen at Bowie.

Grigsby hasn’t always been in the track scene. She only recently decided to try it out with the reference of one of her old gymnastics teammates. Once she tried it she realized how much fun she could have running and jumping for the track team.

“One of my old teammates told me she was going to do track,” Grigsby said. “Even though she doesn’t go to the same school and said that I should do track with her. So that’s when I started doing track. I am very glad I tried it because I found out how much I love it.”

Before Grigsby found her love for the art of running, she was ,and still is, a high-level gymnast. Now, she has to work out her time management. She explains the difficulties of balancing track season and gymnastics at the same time.

“Usually my scheduling works out between them,” Grigsby said. “However, sometimes I will have a gymnastics meet in Dallas, and then immediately after a track meet. So sometimes I have to make sacrifices for both sports.”

It’s hard enough balancing gymnastics and track, but putting school into the mix enhances the stress. As a student-athlete, Grigsby needs to be able to handle everything thrown at her.

“I try and do all my school work during class and in school,” Grigsby said. “I never have time during the weekend because I am always out doing running or other things. It does get a little stressful sometimes.”

Her hard work in both the classroom and on the track have been recognized. Bowie track coach Lora Tilson has a very high opinion of Grigsby, her accomplishments this season, and how she has been rewarded.

Everything wont always be perfect and how you want it to be. You will have ups and downs but striving to improve your times.

— Ellie Grigsby, Track Athlete

“Her work ethic is great. She has to manage being a gymnast as well, which can be very challenging, but she is great at it.” Tilson said. “She wanted to do multiple events in track, and she was successful at every single one of them.”

Not only is Grigsby successful individually on the track, but she also impacts the track team in a positive manner. Coach Tilson describes how her presence brings productive work from the other team members.

“Her presence impacts the team as she is a part of our relay team, competing in multiple different relays,” Tilson said. “She is positive and gets along well with all the runners. She is always positive no matter the results.”

Her hard work isn’t just recognized by her coach, but also by her teammates. Freshman Sydney Murphy, who is on the relay team with Grigsby, has high praise for her work. Murphy explains Grigsby’s dedication to the sport.

“She is always at practice, she is always working her best, and she never gives up,” Murphy said. “Being the first-leg means she has to start fast out of the blocks which can be hard. She handles the pressure very well and is an amazing runner.”

Attitude on the track is important but so is how runners act off of it too. Murphy believes that Grigsby has a good personality.

“Grigsby is someone who you want to be around because of her personality,” Murphy said. “She is enjoyable to spend time with at all times. Being on the relay team together really brought out her funny side as well, and we all loved it”

Grigsby loves to run most events. This season she did a mix of jumps and relays. She competed in the 4×100 and 4×200 meter relays, 100-meter hurdles, and the triple jump. She had competitive times and lengths in all events.

“I enjoy running the most, my record for the 100-meter hurdles is 15.36,” Grigsby said. “I do know my triple jump personal record is 35’9”. I am very proud of my times considering I am relatively new to the track world.”

Her accomplishments haven’t gone without recognition. Coach Tilson is very impressed with the achievements Grigsby has made throughout the successful track season. Coach Tilson compliments Grigsby’s strengths.

“Grigsby’s biggest strength is that she isn’t afraid to do multiple events,” Tilson said. “She knows she can be successful, and she works very hard to practice each event so she feels prepared.”

Hardworking athletes will always have a high chance of getting an injury. Practices and events all the time add to the chances of injury. Grigsby is just one of many athletes who have a severe injury.

“I tore a ligament in my foot,” Grigsby said “I was doing gymnastics and when I did back-flip, I landed wrong, and my foot snapped and my ligament tore. I have an important competition soon so I need to be healthy quickly so I can be ready to compete at my best.”

Staying healthy is one of the most important part of being an athlete. Grigsby wants to continue doing both track and gymnastics in college.

“I wouldn’t want to go Division 3, especially for gymnastics I wouldn’t go Division 3,” Grigsby said. “Track and field have more colleges in all divisions, so I would just want to go somewhere that fits my standards.”

Even as a freshman, Grigsby has already thought about what tips she has for future and upcoming athletes.

“I am totally a perfectionist, so I want to make sure people know everything won’t always be perfect and be how you want it to be,” Grigsby said. “You will have ups and downs but keep striving to improve your times.  For example, at the beginning of the year, I was running four seconds slower than I did at the end. All I did was continue to work and not give up.”

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