Bowie needs to spend bond money on AC in the hallways


Natalie Cullen

Having air conditioning in the hallways would benefit the entire student population.

Warren Davis, J1 Reporter

Bowie High School should use some of the bond money to try and get AC inside the hallway because it sucks when you are walking around to just be burning up from all the people and the temperature outside. Better AC just makes the experience, at a place where most people don’t wanna be, better. 

I think that the hallways should 100% have AC. The reason why is that near the beginning of the year it was really hot and everyone was sweating, it smelled really bad and it made it hotter with all the body heat. It just makes sense to have it; I think it would benefit the whole school in total.

The reason why I think we should have AC in the hallways is that basically anything that improves the experience at Bowie I fully support. It helps out teachers and students because we have had some wacky weather these last few years. I think we can all agree on this when I don’t want to be at school when another sort of crazy snow storm comes through. 

One of the reasons I’m right is that excessive heat affects people’s moods. A New York Times article stated studies have found links between rising temperatures and a range of mental health issues including mental fatigue, aggression and even higher rates of suicide. Obviously, mental health issues are something you want to be added to high schoolers. 

Another reason I’m right is because of teacher unhappiness. I mean the AC is a pretty good reason to quit your job. Teacher shortages are a real thing right now and you wanna hold onto the teacher Bowie has.

The final reason I’m right is because of the smell. At the beginning of the school year, it was stinky. All the people sweating like crazy the smell of B.O was really strong. 

I think the only reason why we shouldn’t have AC in the hallways is the hallways are not designed to have AC. My rebuttal to that is you can fix it to make them have AC. They can do it over the summer when there are no kids at school.

I think a solution is that they can add AC during the summer. They can do that and it will be easy because they won’t have to worry about something like students or most staff. It will benefit the whole school and I know they have enough money to do that. They are getting 24 million dollars for this year’s bond. 

The hallways should get AC for sure. It will help with the stink near the beginning of the year. It helps with heat and no one really likes to be hot. It just make sense and everyone will like the hallways way more if the have AC.