“The Sun and Her Flowers” review


Mazzy Warren

There are sections of this book wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming.

Analis Castillo, Dispatch Reporter

“The Sun and Her Flowers” book by Rupi Kaur was written by a great author and dropped on October 3, 2017. Although this book is a few years old it is an outstanding book and takes you through a journey of growth and healing. It was New York’s best selling book in 2014. The poem is written in what’s known as Kaur’s style which is short lines that are uncomplicated and say more than total parts.

There are sections of this book wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. Wilting is about when Kaur was in her most vulnerable place losing a love and writing shamelessly. She writes about how much losing a love hurts and the stages you go through when you do lose that love.

The second section “falling” is about the love we are missing inward within ourselves. It talks about how most of the time we get angry at people for not doing the things we should’ve done for ourselves and those emotions you experience during that.

The third section “rooting” goes in deeper about roots with her family and her culture also how her mom sacrificed everything to move and make sure she was safe and able to grow up in a good place where it’s safe. She does this so she doesn’t seem weak to show how strong her and her family is and what they have been through the emotions we have been through. This also goes into the “rising” section of the book. She talks about how much she’s grown from her mom making the choice of moving them from India to the United States.

The last section is “blooming” and it talks about the moment you finally decide to love yourself and the life you are living. Also how good things get for you when you finally love yourself and get through that rough patch in your life. Thinking about what’s next in her life where life will take her and what she thinks will happen.

Overall this book goes through everything about learning and growing the emotion during this process and what you experience as well. It shows you how to grow and what to do with all the things you feel and experience during these stages of life that everyone eventually goes through.