Petition websites

Ella Waltuck, Reporter

Signing petitions can make a difference. Petitions are a way for groups of people to express how they feel about a subject. Signing petitions is another way of getting active in other forms of political participation. There are many petition websites for you to use, here are some of the most effective petition websites. is an effective website to sign petitions. is headquartered in San Francisco, california with over 400 million users. Popular topics on are economic and criminal justice, education, human rights, environmental protection, animal rights, and health.’s mission is to “empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.”

Campoal is a non profit website where anyone can start a petition and collect supporters and fundraise to make a change. Campoal is designed to build a dedicated platform for social movements, fundraising campaigns, and a sign petition features. Campola is a user friendly website for anyone to start a petition. 

iPetition is another effective way to start a petition and get signatures; iPetition has 43 million signatures total. They offer the physical space to host your petition, and the tools to gather signatures. iPetition is very user friendly and allows you to customize your petition questions, design, and more. 

MoveOn is a community of people trying to make a change. The MoveOn platform provides individuals and organizations with free tools to start petitions, organize supporters, engage decision-makers, and win their own campaigns. “From city councils to the halls of Congress to corporate boardrooms to college campuses, MoveOn’s community helps build a country that works for everyone.”  –

Petitions are an effective way for students to voice their opinions on what they feel strongly about to make a change. All of these different websites are user friendly and a great way to get involved whether you want to create or sign petitions.