Cheer to championships

Cheerleaders place 12th at nationals


The cheerleaders link pinkys during a football game while the school song plays. The cheerleaders spend many hours every day during practice making sure their routines are perfect for competitions.

Flip after flip the cheerleaders end up at National cheerleaders association in Dallas. This was a Senior and Junior High School championship that took place on January 25-26. At nationals out of 26 other cheer teams Bowie placed 12th.

These cheerleaders spend hours in the gym perfecting their routines in preparation for big championships like these. They practice everyday except Sundays, for two-three hours.

“Before competition we were working hard just running our routine and just practicing all the time,” sophomore Harrison Rocha said.

Their practices are till 5:30 after school every day and they also have a class period allowing them to spend more time in the gym. On A-days when cheerleaders have their cheer class they practice from 2:30 to 5:30.
“Cheer means the world to me, I would do anything for my team,” Wells said.

Before attending the last completion of the year the cheerleaders attended three to four different competitions to get a little taste of nationals.

“Nationals was really fun but it wasn’t easy because it was really big and consisted of very good teams making it challenging,” sophomore Harrison Rocha said.

These girls have spent a huge amount of time with each other consisting of hanging out with each other on the daily.
“We all love each other so much, we are seriously like family. We fight and we laugh but when it comes down to it I always have their back and I know they have mine,” sophomore Allie Wells said.

Now that all the competitions are out of the way the cheerleaders still continue to practice most of them hoping to make it back onto the team next year.

The cheerleaders do not attend all the  winter sports games, but the ones they do attend are generally planned in advance for when the ‘Dawgs play an arch-rival.