Bethany Church parking lot filled with trash


Anna Holme

A paper bag placed on the Bethany church parking lot

Bethany Hanson , Online Reporter

Imagine a mom dropping her child off at their first day of preschool and being greeted by a parking lot of reckless student drivers, Whataburger cups, and empty Juul pods thrown all around. Not the most comforting introduction for a parent. 

Bethany Lutheran church across the street, which has let Bowie students park in their lot for years now, has a daycare program every weekday in the morning. This church has been so gracious to Bowie over the years, however the majority of students in return litter their property. The construction has complicated the parking situation, but even before the construction Bethany’s lot was just as mistreated. Students speed through the lot mindlessly. It would still be disrespectful and unacceptable behavior if the school owned the lot, but the fact that the spots have been given to us is a whole other story. 

If Bethany decided they were fed up with the treatment of their property, students would likely have nowhere to park. I’m sure the administration would do their best to replace the lot, but the odds of students parking anywhere near school are small to none. Students would either have to shuttle and park at lot c, like what is being done and it might even cause a few tardies. This could lead to tardies piling up and the only solution would be making them up on our free time on the weekends after a long week of schoolwork. If it wasn’t for Bethany, it would be very inconvenient to run up to sonic at lunch for a milkshake and a few corndogs. The most common object found in litter cleanup is fast-food wrappers. It takes a very little amount of time to dump trash off in one of the many trash cans in the area on the way back to class. Start treating Bethany better and thank them by cleaning up trash.