Cutting back on non-school activities has helped with stress and mental health


Natalie Cullen

I believe that if you cut back on your non-school activities you will help yourself with your own mental health.

Amerie Mosley, J1 Reporter

When cutting back on your amount of non-school activities, you will see an improvement in both your mental health and stress levels. 

I believe that this is a true statement that is worth carrying out. When you have so much on your plate, how you function daily can change including both your activities and school life. 

School itself can be a very stressful thing. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed and letting yourself fall back when not having the time outside of school. 

When separating between school time and non-school time you still need to have a period for yourself so that your mental health doesn’t decline. Time management can only help you so much to where you can’t have like four different activities after school weekly and still maintain other things. 

In no way do I think having no non-school activities is what you need to do. I still think you should have things you can enjoy outside of school without still feeling really overwhelmed. 

I have experienced this first-hand when doing sports outside of school. If I didn’t keep myself organized I would go downhill during a season. And if I always would have time to manage my things it wouldn’t have gone that way.

I understand that for some, non-school activities are needed as an escape for their mental health. And they feel school is the only thing causing stress in their life. 

Having an escape is good, but if that escape is causing you to decline in school something needs to change. 

When people are in sports or clubs they are most likely to have multiple meetings and practices for what they are doing. They can only be in one non-school activity but takes up as much time as if they were doing three different ones. 

To prevent any problems someone would just have to not add anything else to their agenda. Making the time as well for themselves and any other things needing help. If someone feels they can’t handle it, maybe being in that program is not for them at that time in their life. 

If you enjoy what you are doing enough to time manage yourself you won’t have as many problems as you did before. But I think a good way to look at it is that if your mental health is at a low place, you won’t function as well as you normally would both at school and in your own interests outside of school. 

I believe that if you cut back on your non-school activities you will help yourself with your own mental health, in turn saving yourself from going into any trouble before it starts.