Phone free learning is stressful


Natalie Cullen

It is true that some students refuse to get off their phones, but taking away everyone’s phones is just not right.

Madison Carby, J1 Reporter

The moment you walk into class, the teacher asks for you to put up your phone in a phone jail. Everyone knows what it’s like, that bitter feeling of disappointment. 

The new cell phone policy called “phone-free learning” has become a class norm for many students. Upon entering a classroom students must put their phone up on the wall in a pocket which prevents them from using it.

The effects of this rule are stressful. The feeling of having your phone taken away from you by some stranger does not make anyone feel good. Having my phone with me or nearby makes me feel secure.

I’ve had a teacher even take my phone away in a bucket and lock it in her closet. This helps nothing at all. If anything, it piles more stress on top of students. 

Having your phone on you can help in certain ways. Music is a calming way to de-stress yourself and is just a good way to start off the day.  Music helps me calm down and focus. It helps me get things done. 

But music isn’t the only thing that can help students. According to the article Why Should Students Be Allowed to Use Their Cellphones in Class? allowing students to use their cell phones in the classroom will help keep them engaged in learning and provide them with instant access to technology, tools, and resources to help them learn.”

Sitting around a classroom I notice that most students don’t abuse their phone usage. Whenever students do have their phone out usually it’s just for a quick check, text, or song change. As the teacher starts to talk, usually students put the cell phones up and away to focus down on what they are saying. 

Of course, there are always a few students who choose to keep their phones out and not listen in on what’s happening around them. This shows teachers and administrators that cell phones are a problem and need to be controlled. It is true that some students refuse to get off their phones, but taking away everyone’s phones is just not right.

Taking away the phones of the students who use their cell phones properly and in a good way is a punishment for nothing. Talking to students who don’t put their phone away can help in a tremendous way without taking everyone’s phones. If students continue to have it out then teachers could take more drastic measures with the individual student. Displacing the cell phones of those who use them properly does not help anyone.

This new policy affects everyone in more than one way. 

Students should be allowed to have contact with their loved ones and friends during class.