Starbucks spring offerings


Lauren Wright

With spring season starting, Starbucks has released a new drink and lots of other spring themed items.

Lauren Wright, Assistant Editor

With the spring season starting, Starbucks has released a new drink and lots of other spring themed items. The new products that were released are the Iced Toasted Oat Milk Shaken Espresso, BAYA energy drinks, and ground coffee options.

The Iced Toasted Oat Milk Shaken Espresso is made the same way as the other shaken drinks. The Toasted Vanilla syrup and the blonde espresso shots are shaken over ice, then poured into the cup, and finally topped with oat milk on top. This year other shaken drinks at Starbucks have been very popular, with their brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso and the chocolate almond milk shaken espresso. 

I think that the drink was pretty good because I like the way that the toasted vanilla flavor tasted with the oat milk and the blonde shots. I think that the drink tastes better if you add pumps of white mocha to it: for a tall add one, a grande add two and add three for a venti. Out of all of the shaken espressos, this one is my second favorite because I think that the brown sugar oat milk has more elements in it that make the drink more enjoyable. 

Earlier this year Starbucks announced the BAYA energy drinks and with the spring launch they have added them into select Starbucks stores. The drink is available in 3 flavors that are fruity flavors without any trace of coffee taste in them: Mango Guava, Raspberry Lime, and Pineapple Passionfruit. The Energy drinks are advertised to “contain 90 calories and are crafted from caffeine naturally found in coffee fruit, as well as antioxidant vitamin C for immune support.” 

The ground coffee options released were anniversary blend, Odyssey Blend, Spring Day Blend, and Honey and Madagascar Vanilla flavored coffee. The anniversary blend comes back every year and is a bold roast. The odyssey blend is returning on April 19, from last year, and is a dark roast. The Spring Day Blend is a medium roast with beans harvested in Africa and Latin America. The Honey and Madagascar Vanilla flavored coffee is in pods for Keurig machines.

Overall, this year’s spring launch was pretty good, however, I wish that they had come out with more drinks and food. I do think that the drink they came out with was a good option because shaken drinks are very popular right now and oat milk is also a trending milk. I also think that coming out with energy drinks was a good decision because lots of people are currently drinking them.