Vaping at school should have stronger consequences


Lillian Hoover

Vaping on school grounds has become a worldwide problem.

Luis Rodriguez, J1 Reporter

Vaping at school should have a stronger consequence.

Teens are starting to think that vaping is cool and are falling into that trap of trying it or of buying one from their friends or acquaintances. Teens don’t realize the damage that vaping does to their lungs.

The consequences for vaping at school are way too weak. Teens are sneaking into restrooms and vaping. The consequence is nothing to them anymore, just calling their parents or detentions seems to be the only punishment.

Kids at school are constantly vaping in the bathrooms and asking kids if they want “a hit.” That itself should have a big consequence. They shouldn’t be trying to share harmful stuff with others. 

Vaping is really bad for your lungs. Vaping can cause a lot of long term lung problems like COPD, asthma, and lung cancer. Teens shouldn’t be having vapes on them let alone using them. There are laws in place that require people to be 18 years or older to buy vapes. When a student gets caught with one, that should be more done to hold them accountable.

Schools need to get law enforcement involved and give a strong punishment to make them at least consider stopping. Schools need to be more strict about vaping and smoking.

I’ve run into too many restrooms trying to do my business and have had to walk right out because of how full they are with students vaping. I shouldn’t have to deal with that in the short passing periods.

People state that vaping and smoking is what helps get rid of their stress and problems, but there are a lot of safer ways to get rid of your stress and problems.

Vapes can contain nicotine and other harmful carcinogens which are really bad things. Vapes always come with a flavor so that users get addicted to vaping. Once you’re addicted to something it’s really hard to stop doing it.

Students need to have more consequences for vaping and smoking at school. They cause a bad environment for people, are harmful to the user and others. That is worthy of a serious consequence.