Senior Goodbye: Megan Miller


Megan Miller, Senior

I had an amazing time at Bowie and even though I am sad about leaving, I would love to give advice to incoming freshmen. There are definitely some things that I didn’t learn about until I was a sophomore that could’ve been extremely helpful to me during my first year of high school.

First of all, when choosing classes make sure to pick weighted electives, these help your GPA so much and sometimes they can be even easier than an AP class which helps your GPA the same amount. Along with picking weighted electives, it is important to keep your GPA up as much as possible. There will be rumors about freshman year not mattering for your GPA, but it actually is the most important year because it sets your GPA and raising your GPA gets increasingly harder as the years go on.

I know I have gone on about academics because this is very important but also make sure to have a good balance set in place. It is always important to be thinking about your mental health and what you can do to be as least stressed as possible.

Be sure to try your best freshman year and your senior year self will thank you. Overall, if you do these things you will have a successful high school experience!