Senior Goodbye: Mia Folkers


Mia Folkers, Feature Editor

Wow. Even though I knew this day would eventually come, it still feels unbelievable to be writing this. Although the adjustments due to the pandemic made some 2020-2021 challenging, the year flew by, and it is unreal to say that I am graduating. This year has been one of a kind and has definitely changed everyone. I’m not one to sugar coat the truth, because this year came with many global problems as well as personal reality checks that are hard to describe in words, however I think rather than focusing on all that was lost, I would rather focus on what I and many others gain from this pandemic. Online school was quite an experience, and I think most students and teachers would agree with me when I said it took some getting used to. The countless hours on zoom and recurring technology malfunctions, although inconvenient,  seem to create bonds within the classroom and make the long days on the computer a little easier.

Although we were not in person, this year had some great moments, and I enjoyed it for all that it was. With this year, the changes taught me a ton about appreciation. Instead of only working towards everything I wanted, I spend more of my focus loving what I already have. The year opened up a new look towards things many sometimes took for granted. This year was not the year I expected, but when I took a second to look around, I realized I have a lot of great people and things around me. Through the bad came good, and I’m grateful for all this time has taught me. These last four years have been irreplaceable and I am so grateful for everything and everyone who experienced it with me.  

To my parents– Mom and Dad, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Your unconditional love and commitment to everything I do does not go unnoticed, and I appreciate it  more than you know. Even with the craziness of this year, there was no hesitation from either of you to put in the time and effort to make it the best it could be. I want you to know that your guidance has been the source to my success, and the small actions you make really do make a difference in my life everyday. Although I am making my way toward leaving the state, I will miss you beyond words. 

Mom– From our small chats in the morning before school, to hours of work and planning for my college career, you were here with me through it all. Your endless dedication and love towards others is beyond belief and I can’t explain how grateful I am to have you in my life.  You handle so much on your plate, yet regardless of the work somehow manage to get it all done. This drive is something I aspire to have and is appreciated from all who have had any of your help. You are my inspiration,  my shoulder to lean on, my comedian, and the greatest Mom any daughter could ask for.  Leaving you for California this fall is going to be quite challenging, but I can’t wait for visits during the year and plenty of phone calls so we can fill each other in on everything that’s going on.     

Dad– There are plenty of things I could thank you for, but I could never be able to write them all down. Your hard work is inspiring and I hope you know how much it means to me. Although you always had plenty going on, thank you for always making time for me. Whether that was coming to my games or watching movies together, those times meant so much to me and are dear to my heart. Thank you for all of your help with all sorts of things in my life, including the countless injuries and questions I had to bring to you. You push me to be my best everyday, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I will miss you lots in California, and don’t be surprised if some of your shirts go missing on the plane flight with me. 

To my siblings: Brian, Kyle, and Keira– Every moment with yall is a blast. I am grateful that I’ve gotten to grow and learn so much with all of you. Thank you for always being there for me and being the first people to pick me back up when I was down. The support and laughter you bring in my life means more than you know, and I hope you are aware of how much each one of you means to me. Yall are all so extraordinary in your own way and have so coming ahead of you. With all that you are, I’m so grateful to be your sister. From chaotic car rides to unforgettable memories of our childhood,  I’m glad I got to experience all of them with you. I’m so sad to be leaving all of you this fall, but I am ready for tons of visits and memories to make in the future.  

To the Dispatch staff– Your hard work and dedication has done so much for me, I am so happy you were here to guide me through high school, I can’t thank you enough. Your passion for teaching/coaching is what made learning so enjoyable for me during my four years of high school.  Mr. Reeves– thank you for giving me a place to use my voice and a one-of-a-kind group to learn with. Joining your class was one of my favorite things in high school, and will always be held close to my heart. Thank you for pushing me to do my best, and always being there to support me. Whether that was to make me laugh or give me ideas for headlines I could never come up with, I want to thank you for everything you did for me the two year I was in the Newspaper program. To the Track Coaches-  Thank you for always pushing me to get better everyday, and for putting me in shape every spring. Your drive to keep making us better made the hard workouts worth while. Thank you so much. Coach Wissel– words can’t explain your impact on me during high school. Your endless support and faith in me made the person and athlete I am today. Your love for your players along with the game is so inspiring to me and I will miss you very much. Thank you again for everything, you are the best (and funniest) coach and any player could ask for. 

To my friends– Thank you for giving me so much joy throughout high school. The memories I’ve made with all of you will be close to my heart forever. Thank you for sharing your last four years with me, I enjoyed every second I got with each of you. Your constant support and love got me through high school and I’m so grateful I had you along the way for all the ups and downs. As we all go our separate ways this fall, I know you will all do amazing things. I will miss you all very much, and I’m looking forward to meeting back up in Austin for big breaks and holidays. Naya– Since middle school you always had a way of making me happy just by being you. From your constant support to your endless jokes you have always been there for me. I love you very much. I can’t wait for all that waits for us in San Diego. To the softball girls– Thank you for making spring semester easier to handle, I cherished every game and practice(even though I wasn’t playing) , and will miss yall and the countless memories in the dugout. To the track guys/girls– thank you for always being there for me and making practices/ meets so memorable. Although track practice was not the easiest at times, I will miss the daily practices with all of you. Cade- We have known each other since elementary school and I seriously can’t believe we’re graduating. Every moment with you was so fun and your kind heart and presence was much appreciated. Thank you for being such a great friend and Editor-in- Chief, I’m so excited for all you accomplish in Georgetown. And Finally to the Dispatch Staff– Thank you so much for making journalism so entertaining for me. The Newspaper room was the perfect place during long school days and the countless hours spent working on the paper (even though they were difficult) were some of the best moments I had in high school. Thank you all and I will miss you so much.

To everyone along the way, each one of you means so much to me. Thank you for everything. I love you all.