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 The reimagination of the 90s has created a new perspective of teenage fashion. This fashion awakening, unfortunately, has its negatives as 2020 definitely hasn’t been perfect.

Dress codes are biased against females

Eve Whisnant, J1 Reporter February 26, 2021

Many schools in America and around the world enforce dress codes. Dress codes have been around for decades, and were first introduced to prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing. However,...

Should we enforce pandemic regulations more strictly?

Should we enforce pandemic regulations more strictly?

Vale Pye, J1 Reporter February 9, 2021

The Covid-19 virus is a serious issue, though it’s one that has barely been taken into account by much of the public. For almost a year now, Covid has been plaguing the United States. Cases are at an...

Has Netflix become the new normal?

Looks Like Cable Is Cutting Out

Christine Zhao, J1 Reporter February 4, 2021

In 1948, TV cable in the U.S was born. But, as generations come and go, cable has become unpopular. Entertainment sensations like Netflix, have taken over people’s TV screens.  In my opinion, Netflix...

Why is leadership still associated with males

Why is leadership still associated with males

Lucille Price, J1 Reporter February 3, 2021

Throughout history, there has been a stereotype instilled in society claiming that leadership has a male connotation. The issue has made many women feel as if they do not belong in a role of power.  Leadership...

School dress codes as a whole are biased against females

School dress codes as a whole are biased against females

Lillian Hoover, J1 Reporter January 28, 2021

Throughout the United States, school dress codes have been a debated topic among students and parents alike ever since they were created. The big question is whether these dress codes are biased against...

The Iphone 12 release includes the Iphone 12, Iphone 12 pro, Iphone 12 pro max, and the Iphone 12 mini. Both the Iphone 12, and the Iphone 12 pro have the same camera design as the Iphone 11 and Iphone 11 pro. In Gerold's opinion the features in the new Iphone have not improved enough to warrant spending your hard earned money.

Is the new iPhone 12 worth it?

Natalie Gerold, J1 Reporter January 14, 2021

New year, new iPhone, every year Apple designs and releases a new iPhone. Each year Apple claims that the new phone is better than previous years, but is that really the case? What makes the Iphones so...

Has Netflix become the new normal?

Streaming Services Are Replacing Normal TV

Alex Edwards, J1 Reporter January 12, 2021

We are living in a time period where new and great TV shows are coming out all of the time. Despite this, it seems that over the last few years, far fewer of them have been on traditional television and...

According to the World Health Organization, half of all mental conditions start at the age of 14 (the same age teens start high school) and that most cases go undiagnosed and untreated.

Mental health should be a bigger focus in schools

Sydney Crum, J1 Reporter January 11, 2021

It's no secret that school can be very stressful. Between studying, after-school activities, and homework, it’s a lot to handle. This constant stress can lead to many mental health problems for teenagers...

Russell is the NFl MVP to this point

Russell is the NFl MVP to this point

Reid Manti, J1 Reporter January 1, 2021

I believe that Russell Wilson should win MVP this year so far because he leads the league in multiple stat categories and he has led his team to a 6-1 record this season.   This season, the...

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