Is the new iPhone 12 worth it?


Shruti Patel

The Iphone 12 release includes the Iphone 12, Iphone 12 pro, Iphone 12 pro max, and the Iphone 12 mini. Both the Iphone 12, and the Iphone 12 pro have the same camera design as the Iphone 11 and Iphone 11 pro. In Gerold’s opinion the features in the new Iphone have not improved enough to warrant spending your hard earned money.

Natalie Gerold, J1 Reporter

New year, new iPhone, every year Apple designs and releases a new iPhone. Each year Apple claims that the new phone is better than previous years, but is that really the case? What makes the Iphones so different from each other, and should you really waste your money buying a new one?

In my opinion, it is not worth it to buy the year’s new model just because it is new. When the first iPhone came out in 2007 it was a big step in technology. Each year since, Apple has released a new version of the iPhone. Each year, new technology is added. How different are they? 

Last year’s iPhones, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro, were the most different from previous models. The iPhone 11 has two cameras and the iPhone 11 pro has three. The iPhone 11 has become the world’s most popular smartphone. 

When the new iPhone was announced this year, the key selling points were better camera quality, 5G connection, and a new change in design. However, the new design isn’t truly new. The new iPhone closely resembles the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. 

Those iPhones are designed thicker and wider than most of the current iPhones. Since the iPhone 6, Apple has created its phones to be slim and fit well in your pocket. Many liked the change from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 and would like Apple to continue with that design.

The iPhone 12 having the old iPhone design has been an intriguing feature for some, whereas there are some people who do not don’t like it. Personally, I think the old design is illogical. The change in design from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 was to make it easier and simpler to use. The old design’s thickness makes it challenging to fit in your pocket, hand, purse, etc.

The iPhone 12 release includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone 12 mini. Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro have the same camera design as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. In my opinion, the features in the new iPhone have not improved enough to warrant spending your hard-earned money.

Some may argue that the iPhone 12 prices are a huge factor in the decision to buy a new phone. Each of the iPhone 12 model’s prices varies. The iPhone 12 is sold for $799, iPhone 12 mini is sold for $699, the iPhone 12 Pro is sold for $999 and the iPhone 12 pro max is sold for $1099. 

Looking at iPhone prices from the iPhone 11 you would be getting a better deal. The iPhone 11 in 2019 was originally sold for $699, the same as the iPhone 12 mini. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 pro max were being sold for the same price as the 12 pro and the 12 pro max. Additionally, the iPhone 11 is currently being sold for $599, which is 100 dollars cheaper than the new iPhones.

In conclusion, it is not worth buying the new iPhone. There is just not enough that is different from last year’s models. To add to that, the features that have changed are not necessarily compelling.