Looks Like Cable Is Cutting Out


Shruti Patel

Has Netflix become the new normal?

Christine Zhao, J1 Reporter

In 1948, TV cable in the U.S was born. But, as generations come and go, cable has become unpopular. Entertainment sensations like Netflix, have taken over people’s TV screens. 

In my opinion, Netflix has stripped cable of its popularity. Millions all over the globe have subscribed to Netflix and unsubscribed to cable. 

Not surprisingly, Netflix has a ton more subscribers than cable. According to a Comparetech blog by a data journalist, Rebecca Moody, in July 2020, almost 193 million people were subscribed to Netflix, and according to NoCable.org, it’s expected about 82.9 million households will still be paying for cable in 2020. Statistically, Netflix has turned the tables on cable’s popularity.

People are choosing to stream Netflix instead of using cable because Netflix doesn’t make people sit through a painstaking series of ads. According to a BGR article by Jacob Siegal, each hour of TV cable has a total of 18 minutes of ads, but Netflix has blessed its viewers with having absolutely no ads. 

No one enjoys watching countless ads. Imagine sitting on your couch, and you turn on your TV to catch up on your favorite show, and then as soon as it gets to the best part, you get hit with 10 ads. Ads just ruin the mood. 

Netflix is way cheaper than cable. According to Dave Johnson, a writer for Business Insider, Netflix’s premium streaming plan costs $17.99 per month, and according to a USA Today post by Brett Molina, TV companies charge their users about $85 each month for cable. Being able to watch your shows and movies for a low price each month is a definite win. 

Without Netflix, you’re missing out on some exclusive Netflix Original shows that you may never get the chance to watch because you have cable instead of Netflix. According to an INSIDER post by Kim Renfro, there were 36 Netflix Original shows in 2020.  

Some people still believe that cable is better than Netflix because you can’t check the weather or up to date news with Netflix. But still, Netflix is much cheaper than cable, you can stream on any internet-connected device, and there are zero ads.

If you really want to check the news you can either check the news app on your phone or, you can go get a newspaper. To check the weather you can search it up on google or download the weather app on a device. There are so many different ways to check both the news and weather that don’t require spending an abundance of cash for cable. 

In the old days, cable was the most popular way to find entertainment, but now, times have changed, and Netflix has become one of the most popular ways for entertainment. 

I strongly believe that Netflix has replaced normal TV. Netflix is so much better than TV ever was or will be.