Club day brings new opportunities


Reagan Zuniga

Senior Erin Rannefeld and junior Grace Burden inform other students of the benefits of their club; Spanish Honor Society.

Arushi Sharma and Sammie Thompson

Are you tired of sitting at home watching Netflix for hours on end? Are you interested in meeting new people with similar interests to yours?  Bowie has a large variety of student-led clubs that are sure to cure your boredom. Worried there isn’t a club for you? Have no fear, there are many unique clubs that are looking for new members this year. 

This year, many clubs are using the Club Fair as an opportunity to advertise their clubs, and gain publicity that they have not gotten in the past. 

“[Earth Club] has been around for a while,” Reagan Wells, Earth Club president said. “There’s not much publicity for it.” 

Wells shared that the Earth Club is changing their focus this year in order to make it more relevant and engaging to Bowie students.

“This year we’re gonna start tackling global difficulties on a smaller scale, starting locally,” Wells said.

Other clubs at the club fair want the Bowie community to know that you don’t have to be super experienced in the focus of the club to join. 

“You don’t have to necessarily be a physics god, or so good at chemistry. If you like science and you’re interested, you can come and join,” Alekhya Kuchimanchi, the Serious At Science Club vice president said.