Hunter Amidon ranks in the high school top 10 for the Top Tier Fishing


Courtesy of Hunter Amidon

Senior, Hunter Amidon in his element, fishing. Amidon placed in the top 10 in the September release for The Top Tier Fishing.

Waiting patiently for a tug on your hook may seem frustrating for many people. However, for senior Hunter Amidon, this has become a daily hobby and passion. Top Tier Fishing recently released the top ten high school students in fishing for September, and Amidon was ranked number five. 

Through Top Tier Fishing, high school students get experience with college coaches and teams for recruitment. 

“Top tier fishing is a recruiting site for high school fisherman around the nation,” Amidon said. “It gets you in touch with college coaches and has put together rankings on a national level.”

I’m proud to be fifth, but nothing will truly satisfy [me] until I reach the number one spot

— senior Hunter Amidon

To perform well and rank, Amidon has practiced for years. Top Tier Fishing requires students to be on the water often. 

“The amount of work is tremendous. I’m constantly traveling and spend a lot of time away from home and countless days on the water,” Amidon said. “I miss out on a lot of things that go on at home but there isn’t anything I would rather do.” 

Performing well at Top Tier Fishing opens many opportunities for high school students.

“This accomplishment means a lot,” Amidon said. “I’m beyond grateful to be in my situation and I’m blessed with the opportunities I’ve been given.”

Out of the many high school students, Amidon placed in the top five, being labeled as the high school top ten for Top Tier Fishing. 

“I’m proud to be fifth, but nothing will truly satisfy [me] until I reach the number one spot,” Amidon said. “I have worked all my life for that spot, and in my head, it’s the only spot that matters.”