Air Conditioning: Necessity or Privilege?

Shikha Patel, Reporter

Sweat trickles down in beads on the back and foreheads of Bowie students as they dart to class in the moist hallways. Everyone is made painfully aware of the lack of the Air Conditioning.

As many of us know, the hallways at James Bowie High School don’t have air conditioning. I can definitely tell how some students at the school can have a problem with it and how it gets frustrating at times. It is something we need to get fixed.

During the summer the Texas heat can get as high as a hundred and five degrees. There is no way students like me can be outside for more than 20 minutes without AC, a cold drink or a quick dive in the pool. I can understand how it can gets hectic at school, especially when you have to walk from class to class with heavy backpacks in extreme heat along with thousands of other students packed together in the congested hallways.

According to a study made in Canada, the hotter the temperature in the classroom, the lower the test scores and a decrease in the focus of students in the class. This is a true reflection of what is happening at Bowie, and many students, myself included, can agree that we feel more tired during the summer than the winter. Overall, it just feels more humid and stuffy in the hallways, where you almost need to chew the air just to breathe.

The school needs to consider the energy levels of their students. Bowie should contemplate installing fans in the hallways or have more drinks provided to the students during the hot weather. This could potentially help students focus in class and better maintain their grades. This would also improve the test scores at our school, and help maintain our well-known academic reputation.

The heat in the hallways affects the students’ focus and energy. A large percentage of the students at Bowie, including me, would greatly appreciate AC in the hallways. We students need to get our voice out and make sure we are studying in a healthy environment. The last thing we need are students fainting in the hallways and not being able to reach their highest academic potential because of a lack of basic needs in our school.