TV Monitors enhance education

Shruti Patel

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Abby Ong

CRISP AND CLEAR: In Patricia Conroy’s AP English IV class, senior Dartanian Babcock presents a power-point over the book “The Metamorphosis” on the new TV monitor. The screens allow the class to get a clearer view of the presentation.

New high definition television monitors are being delivered across the campus in an effort to install advanced technology across classrooms

In March of 2017, AISD School Board approved the installation of new Presentation Systems at all AISD campuses including Bowie. AISD Campuses had a choice in which Presentation System they preferred, and monitors appealed to the Bowie campus and classrooms the most.

“Since a number of classrooms already had projectors, we saw the monitors as a way to supplement instructional technology until what we have becomes obsolete and is replaced by the monitors.” Principal Mark Robinson said.

Sophomore, Abby Blas is amazed by the new technology in her math class and the ability for the technology to transform her teacher’s lesson to become more appealing to her and her fellow classmates.

“When the new TVs came into the classroom, I was in complete awe,” Blas said. “With just one new device in the classroom, I felt that the classroom had changed for the better.”

Another student who is appealed by the introduction of the new TVs around campus is sophomore Ainsley Eis, who believes that advanced technology in the classroom is beneficial to the learning environment.

“I think that new TVs can help students learning by allowing for a variety of teaching approaches whether it’s through text, video, music, and art,” Eis said. “The introduction of new technology  in classrooms can spark creative vibes among the students.”

The new TVs gives Bowie staff more ease when helping their students and provides students with more excitement when in the classroom.

“I am looking forward to the image being clear and sharp when explaining class projects and video,” Art teacher, Deborah Abbott said.

The 70” HDTVs in the classroom makes it easier for teachers to present information and assist students in the learning process while staying on the front end of technology like Apple TV.

“The new monitors are slick,” Robinson said. “We have yet to receive extensive training on all of the capabilities however the displays are sharp, color is bright, and teachers can connect directly or cast to the screen.”

Using advanced devices in the classroom that appeal to this generation of students who are heavily dependent on technology can allow students to be better focused and pay attention in class.

“Monitors have the potential to be more engaging to the students because the students are better suited to this new technology,” Blas said.

The Bowie campus is using today’s new technology to allow teachers to customize their lessons and allow lessons to appeal to the students, Bowie hopes to broaden the choices available to students and teachers when it comes to learning and teaching.

“We are getting away from one size fits all classroom instruction with the teacher as the source of knowledge – using a chalkboard, projector, or monitor to transmit information – to the customization and personalization of student learning,” Robinson said.

The new assets to the classroom around the Bowie campus allow teachers to become more efficient with the material they are teaching to the students due to the variety of choices students have in learning.

“Teachers are able to give students more choice about what they want to learn pertaining to the topic, the pace they need to learn within guidelines, and how they want to show that learning from the choices provided,” Robinson said.

Although there are many advantages to the introduction of the new TV, the size of the TV can cause inconvenience in classrooms.

“It is kind of annoying that they can take up a lot of space,” said Blas. “When the TV got moved into my teachers class, the desks got more squished together”

Teachers agree with many students in that they cause difficulty within the classroom because they take a great amount of space.

“I had to rearrange my room today so I could fit the new TV in the classroom,” Abbott said. “It takes quite a bit of room in my classroom.”

This transformation in the classroom influenced by the new technology is very beneficial for both the students and the teachers at Bowie.

“It is a shift from students consuming, to creating learning, and it is exciting,” Robinson said.