Senior Goodbye: Shruti Patel


Shruti Patel, Online Editor-in-Chief

Glancing nervously from the schedule on my phone to the crowded halls, I managed to make my way to room F203, and what I found there transformed my innocent, freshman self into an enlightened, young adult.

 F203 became my getaway. In the comfort of leather couches, deep-padded, rolly chairs, fairy lights, old Taylor Swift music, and a dum-dum jar, I began a journey. In that classroom, I began reporting. The unexplainable joy expanded as I completed my first article. With that piece, my love for publishing a new creation each day led me to explore the wonders of journalism.

I entered high school a little anxious of what’s to come. I always had this idea that high school was the start of my career. But entering high school, I realized high school was just the start of my journey in exploring my interests. I still remember freshman journalism 1 class. If you would’ve told me that I was going to be the editor-in-chief of the Dispatch online, I would’ve called you crazy. But F203 is where we transformed the Dispatch online from a site in which we started to a full on publication. 

In High School, I had the amazing opportunity to meet new people who helped me each way of the journey. Below are the people I would like to thank: 

To all my teachers, you have pushed me to become the person I am today. You have expressed your passion for learning and taught me to be the same. To Ms. Ramos, I started my high school journey with you in Biology class and continued working alongside you in UNICEF club. To Mr. Russell, I know you are no longer in the Bowie community but WOW you pushed me. Your class scared me but taught me how to work hard, harder than I have before. For that, I will never forget. To each teacher I have had, you helped mold me into the person I am now. By motivating me to be the best version of myself, I leave high school a better person than I entered. For that, I thank you deeply. 

To the Dispatch Staff, Mr. Reeves and the publication, THANK YOU. You are amazing people and I am incredibly happy I chose to do a newspaper in highschool. You are some of the most hard working people at our school, I truly mean that. Newspaper Class is a community and another family at school. Mr. Reeves, you have pushed me consistently to create the best quality work and brought out the best version of myself from your teachings. The quality of the online newspaper is directly affected by your motivation that influences me to create the best product. You have been a great support system throughout high school. To the Dispatch, I have greatly enjoyed watching you grow from a meh website to a publication. Thank you again.

To my Mom, Dad, Shikha, Juhi, and my friends, I most definitely would not be here without you. Your unconditional love and support has gotten me through all the obstacles of high school. Shikha, having an inbuilt buddy in high school has been one of the greatest blessings. Not just throughout high school, but my whole education journey, Mom and Dad you have put my happiness and education over ANYTHING. For that, I thank you. I love you guys. 

To Bowie, you’re quite a frustrating school but I wouldn’t want to attend another high school. Although I’ve encountered microwaves on fire and vandalisms, you’ve taught me to be more independent. You’ve helped grow the person I am today, I can’t wait until you look prettier. 🙂

I have truly met some amazing people in high school, but my journey of self-growth doesn’t end with my high school journey. 

What’s next? Next is the start of my bachelors degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. I hope to pursue a career as a software engineer but pursue my other passions of Graphic Design and Journalism on the side.