Asia Vo’s preparations pay off

Culinary student organizes her very own luncheon


Shikha Patel

Senior, Asia Vo prepares her very own garlic spice honey glazed salmon at her Bee’s Knees luncheon.

Beep! Beep! The oven rings as Asia Vo’s delicious honey crisped Salmon is ready to be served. Senior, Asia Vo prepares her very own luncheon, “The Bee’s Knees” on Friday, November 2nd

Vo has been in been in Culinary for some time now, she plays a significant role in Bowie Culinary.


“I’m a senior, and I’m involved in Culinary Arts Management, Culinary Arts, and the Culinary Club where I’m Social Media, Marketing, and Promotions Manager,” Vo said.


Vo’s Luncheon includes unique meals such as pear tart with goat cheese and rosemary, and spicy garlic honey glazed salmon.


“My luncheon is set up with four courses plus a bread course. It’s themed around honey, all meals include honey, even in the small spots where you wouldn’t expect it,” Vo said.


Vo has been busy at work planning and organizing her meals, all the factors play in, like the taste and look.


“When I decided on my theme, I really wanted to play with presentation, flavor contrast, and texture,” Vo said.


The luncheon was held during 2nd and 3rd period, lots of people showed up to eat and enjoy the honey themed meals.


“Overall, the luncheon went well,” Vo said. “Though there were a few hiccups along the way, everything eventually worked out.”


Hosting the luncheon was a good experience for Vo, the hard work the Bowie culinary put in really payed off.


“The menu, all in all, was really fun to make, and I couldn’t be more thankful,” Vo said.


Being in the Bowie Culinary is no easy job, to have responsibilities like setting up a luncheon like Vo did can get challenging.


“I couldn’t be more thankful for the people who kickstarted my Culinary career and have been working with me ever since,” Vo said. “Thanks to my phenomenal fellow second and first years, and of course, Chef.”