Students enjoy culinary bake sales


Vivi Lopez-Stern

During bake sales, students in the culinary program sell a variety of treats in the courtyard.

Gianna Gonzales, J1 Reporter

Students in the culinary program at Bowie High School have themed bake sales. Every two weeks the program creates yummy treats for $3-$4. Not only are the treats very good but they are also reasonably priced. 

I think it is amazing that the program does this for students. Yes, our cafeteria has cookies but, there are a lot more creative treats in the bake sales. Not to mention that if students have any type of sugar cravings, they know the culinary program has got their back. 

I always get something from the bake sales. It’s also great because some teachers allow breaks to go down to the culinary kitchen and see what they have. So, not only do students get treats but they also get a break from a class. 

It also brings so much joy for those who enjoy fun treats. Sometimes you just need a treat to brighten up your day. Whenever I’ve felt down or low I was very grateful that the Culinary Program organized a bake sale on the day I needed it the most. 

Also, the prices are amazing for what they are. There are so many overpriced things these days and the fact that the price of their items are super reasonable makes it even more worth it. Not only is it cheap for students but also encourages students to buy more. So they are impacting students and themselves.  

Now, I know there are students who don’t really care as much about the bake sales. Another thing is that a lot of students forget their money. Most of the time it’s super sad to watch all your friends get desserts and you feel left out. 

If that is the case and you forgot money there are plenty of solutions for that. You can ask a friend for some money and pay them back later. Maybe a friend will let you have a little bit of their treats too. If you can’t do that, there is always a next time. 

Most of the only negative things about the bake sales is forgetting money but besides that the bake sales are amazing and super exciting. They are so yummy and just bring joy to students. The desserts are a great thing to add to your lunch and make your day. 

I know that when I get desserts I always have a smile on my face. They also have drinks to go with the sales sometimes. One time they sold iced coffee and had so many flavored syrups to go with it. 

Overall, Bowie’s Culinary Program has had such a positive impact on the students at Bowie. It’s a fun way to get a break from class and just enjoy a delicious treat. Definitely aim for getting something at the next Bowie Bake Sale.