Students need more time to adjust to being back in person


Nick Wood

The transition from virtual school to in-person classes can be hard for many.

Bentlee Toland, J1 Reporter

Students need support and time as we transition back into in-person school from online. 

I believe that students should have had some of last year’s school work be retaught. It’s too much to just pile on us.. 

Most students did not learn much from last year. For many reasons like during online school most kids would sleep or be on their phone in class because teachers don’t know what you’re doing if you turn your camera off. And many students would just cheat to get their work in.

Teachers have pushed like it was a normal year. And so many students this year are struggling with school work. Especially in math since it’s mostly lessons on the things you learned last year but more advanced. 

Students tuned out last year. Virtual instruction disrupted the learning progression for many great students. Some studies found that students in online courses failed to complete them and get lower grades than peers learning in-person at school.  

More than 40 percent of middle and high school students were failing at least one class as of late October. That is double the amount in a typical year. Students could have lost as much as 183 days of learning time in reading and 232 days in math during the first four months of largely virtual schooling, according to one study.

There needs to be a plan for helping students who don’t have passing grades at the semester break. A lot of teachers still expect students to learn like every other year. But students are not even close to that level. I failed math this year because I did not learn one thing last year, and many of my friends did the same.  

I think that one solution would be that teachers should go over some lessons that were taught last year. It would really help students and teachers because students would get better grades and teachers would have better taught students. 

Another option would be that the teachers could do tutoring on last year’s lessons after or before school for kids who are failing or just need help with school.

I believe that students need more time to adjust to the workload in normal school from online.