Virtual learning is hard


Amorah Schultze

The COVID-19 pandemic had most schools locked down until early August or September. Kids of all ages started to attend online classes and were assigned assignments each day.

Luise Hackmann, J1 Reporter

Because of Covid-19, most schools have had online classes since March and therefore students have been learning at home alone virtually. In my opinion this is much harder than learning in-person.


Students have to learn and motivate themselves alone, which was sometimes a little bit hard for me. There are many other things at home that have distracted me from doing my school work. 


Of course it can be good to have that much flexibility and students learn to study more independently and to take care of themselves, but that can also be hard, especially for younger kids. 


Teachers are not able to teach the students directly, and they have to learn to use the new methods, therefore, it sometimes takes longer until teachers answer student questions, and they can not explain it directly in front of the students. That can make it harder for students to understand everything.


Staring at the screen the whole day can be very annoying for students. It can be hard to concentrate, and sometimes it is just too much for me because the school days are very long. On top of that I also have virtual homework too.


In my opinion, school is very fun because I can see my friends and other people every day. With online classes I am not able to do that, so we all have less social interaction.


Teachers also can not use different teaching methods because, for example, group work does not work really well virtually. Therefore the lessons are almost all similar, and students don’t have that many different methods to learn something, which can make it harder to study too. 


Bowie High School provided chromebooks for every student, but nevertheless I have had wifi problems sometimes. I got kicked out of zoom meetings a couple of times and wasn’t able to hear or see my teachers, which made it harder to learn virtually too. 


To separate students and to learn virtually was of course the only way to keep up with school without spreading the Coronavirus, but I am very happy that starting November 2, students were allowed to come to school with masks. 


As a result, I can say that to learn virtually is definitely harder for me than to learn at school with teachers and other students. You have to try to stay focused the whole day on your own and teachers are limited with their teaching too. I think it is good that students now are able to choose because then students who have had problems have time to talk with their teachers in