Netflix removing popular shows

Cassidy Pesek

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Shikha Patel

Netflix announced that some of their fan favorite shows, That 70s Show, Parks and Recreation, and The Office, will be removed from their platform.

From popular sitcoms like That 70s Show, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and more, are being taken off of Netflix. In September, That 70s Show was removed from Netflix and has not been announced as to where it will go now. Then at the beginning of October, all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation were removed from Netflix as well.

These aren’t the only shows that have such a high rating that will be leaving Netflix. The Office is also leaving, but at the end of 2020. Another classic sitcom, Friends, has also been taken off at the beginning of January.

“I feel sad that some of my favorite TV shows won’t be on Netflix because I love rewatching these shows sometimes and I can’t do that now, at least not on Netflix,” sophomore Carson Garcia said.

Popular Netflix shows that fans have grown attached to are leaving because of licensing. When the licensing between Netflix and the shows original network have expired, the shows are gone. Netflix has always been removing a lot of fan favorites, and as students watch their favorite shows leave they believe that this won’t impact Netflix as much as it seems.

“Netflix is such a big company I doubt they’ll really get affected in any way but people are definitely gonna try to use other sources in order to stream these shows,” junior Kaylee Garcia said.

Even though Netflix will always end up removing shows there are a bunch of other series on Netflix that could interest students.

“I would continue my subscription because I can always find other series to watch on Netflix,” sophomore Kaitlyn Johnson said.