New BOSS center

Katie Holme, News Editor

Program helps freshmen stay on track

Due to the renovations that have altered campus, incoming freshman have had little time to adjust to the standards of high school. In order to help with this challenge, Bowie is incorporating a new system to support these freshman in hopes to instill good habits in the future.

The system is called Bowie On-Site Support center or BOSS, which is going to be an online resource that both teachers and students can benefit from.

“Coming from middle school, it can be a little daunting to come to Bowie. BOSS is designed to help freshmen who need a little guidance in the study skill area. BOSS is for students who are struggling on how to get started,” BOSS center director Jody Barrett said. “It is more about making the students feel comfortable and reassured in their core academic classes.”

Specifically, the center is a place for teachers to send students assignments that they may be missing. The center allows a temporary space to complete work in order to stay on top of instruction.

“I love the idea of BOSS. I really enjoy helping students and I love it when I can see ‘the light bulb’ go off,” Barrett said. “Sometimes it doesn’t take much for a student to gain their confidence and that is what BOSS Center is all about,”

Because this is an online platform, students can digitally complete and turn in work. Along with this new resource, there will continue to be one-on-one tutoring is accessible through the 9th grade tutoring center or specified FITs. Barrett will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to support students in using this new resource.

“Students should know that the BOSS Center is a quiet, safe, and nondisciplinary place to come and get their home work completed,” Barrett said.