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Snapchat update snaps users’ patience

Gracie Angeli, Staff Writer

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In February, Snapchat made a monumental change to their app. Snapchat modified their social media platform by adding changes to make the app more accessible to a mainstream audience. The company completely revamped their app, mixing stories into a single “friends” page.

I have deleted the app because of the update, as snapchat is no longer enjoyable and is just a hassle to communicate with others and watch friends’ stories. The Snapchat update is difficult to use, and 1.2 million other people who signed the “Remove the new snapchat update” petition agree.

Snapchat released a response to the petition, promising to make a few tweaks to address users’ concerns, but otherwise committing to their decision. The update only added new tabs to the “friends” page categorizing received snapchats into “Groups” “Stories” and “All”. The backlash from the update continued, and the rating of Snapchat in the app store dwindled to 1.8 due to all the negative reviews being left after the changes.

The Snapchat update is inconvenient, and has made the app harder to use and more complicated to view stories and send pictures to people. Along with the petition and bad reviews following the alterations, there have been complaints on social media about the inefficiency of the app and memes mocking it. The backlash resulting is similar to what followed the Facebook revamp years ago, when they added the news feed, and Instagram when they changed the posts to chronological order.

I hope Snapchat revokes their frustrating changes, but they seem to be determined in their update. After a few months, all users will get used to it and will forget what the old Snapchat was even like, however I’ll never like Snapchat quite as much.

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Snapchat update snaps users’ patience