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The tragedy down the street

Ellie Coulston, Social Media Editor

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7 bombings. 20 Days. Austin, Texas has experienced a traumatizing few weeks, and the bombs won’t stop. Today, March 20, a bomb has gone off. The incendiary device went off at 7pm at Goodwill, 9801 Brodie Lane north of Slaughter Lane. The device was an old military device that  coincidentally during this hard time and was unintentional.

This device, now released by the Austin Police Department, was not a copycat job and it was also not related to the previous bombings.

There have been no casualties, only one injury of a worker at the Goodwill. His fellow employee has commented that there was a box with the unknown devices that was unusable to the store and handed it off to the injured victim. This is when the device went off.

The Goodwills all around the Austin area have been closed and will stay closed until further notice due to safety precautions. With the incident happening on Brodie Lane, Slaughter to Davis Ln have been blocked off.

In regards to Bowie High School, the school had a reverse lock down which was cleared at 8:30pm. Sophomore Connor Reilly was at Bowie High School when the explosion happened and participated in the reverse lock down.

“I heard tons of sirens going down slaughter, I saw state troopers, and undercover cop cars rushing to goodwill, and a police helicopter was flying around the area. At first I was at complete shock not being able to completely comprehend what was happening until the theater directors started telling us to ‘call our parents and to evacuate immediately there had been an explosion,” Reilly said. “I won’t lie it was very scary and at the time we knew very little information about what was happening other than an explosion happened and where it occurred.”

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The tragedy down the street