BurgerFi is back after months of silence


Courtesy of Anna Holme

After many months of silence, BurgerFi finally announced its reopening day to be July 29th.

Anna Holme, Reporter

The Circle C location of Burgerfi publicly announced its temporary closure on February 14th of this year, but the details were scarce, leaving the public to only speculate why it closed or when it may return. It was later revealed that the restaurant would undergo management changes and renovations, saying they would open again, but no actual opening dates were mentioned until almost 5 months later.

After many months of silence, BurgerFi finally announced its reopening day to be July 29th. The reaction of Circle C residents was more than pleased, if not a bit surprised that it would reopen at all, considering how common permanent restaurant closures have been in the area.

Since it’s reopening, BurgerFi has announced some new menu items, including “Fried” chicken tenders along with their grilled chicken sandwich, along with other items. 

From the get-go, walking into BurgerFi, I realized nothing had cosmetically changed about the restaurant (or at least nothing I could notice). For an early Thursday night, it was surprisingly busy, though the place was mainly filled with children and their families, with some teenagers as well. The atmosphere was pleasant though, and I found it to be very energetic and lively, but not overwhelming. 

I ordered and sat down, and around 20 minutes later my food came out, which is a good amount of time to wait, not too long at all. The waiting wasn’t bad either, because there were TV’s on the walls that you could watch, and the general scenery kept you from becoming bored.

Now, onto the food. First up, the classic cheeseburger. There isn’t much to say about this one, except that it is a really good burger. The meat was flavorful, the cheese was melted, and the toppings really brought it together. I could easily say this was the star of the meal.

I also had the parmesan fries, which were a super good addition to the meal. The parmesan added a little more saltiness to the fries, but that only made me like them more.

I had a bit of the veggie burger, and while I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, I would eat it again. It was crispy, but in a good way that made it simulate meat instead of a squishy quinoa mess.

But the real intrigue for me was the new chicken strips. When I first saw them, they looked like your standard chicken tenders, and honestly, they taste like it too. I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting more, but with the garlic aioli sauce, it made it a solid addition to the meal. But, you don’t go to BurgerFi for the chicken, you go for the burgers, and I stick by that.

So, is this new BurgerFi exponentially better than its original counterpart? Not really. But that doesn’t make the food subpar. BurgerFi has always had really good food, and my experience with the new one was no different. I had a great meal that I’m super satisfied with, and that’s all you can really ask for. Good food, fair prices, all at a convenient location? Sounds like a win to me.