Volleyball spikes to playoffs


Maryam Hussain

Sophomore Zoe Franz practices to get ready for her next tournaments

Bowie volleyball made it play-offs they played their first round match up against Round Rock. After losing to rounds rock they get booted out of playoff in the first round.

After losing to Austin high a few weeks back on September 24 the lady dogs came for a come back playing them again on October 18th they won making it to play-offs. Varsity team lost the first two games rising up to the challenge they bet Austin high in the third, fourth, and fifth round.

Last year was the first year in 13 years that the Bowie volleyball team didn’t made it to play-offs.

“Since we didn’t make playoffs last year it made making playoffs even more special this year. It was a great feeling to know that we were one of the top teams in our district to make it to playoffs,” Sophomore Taylor Beltz said.

Although the season started off slower than hoped for, the volleyball team successfully made it to the playoffs.

“It took hard work and extra practice to make it, we practiced hard to win the games we needed to make playoffs,” Junior Kennedy Godsey said.

The volleyball team has many young players they don’t have any seniors this year.

“ Because we have no seniors on varsity, we were all forced to come together to make it work. Bonding over this obstacle has, made us stronger,” Junior Keely Penn said.

While the team has had their far share of obstacles they came through to playoffs. The bond the volleyball has is what they believed helped make it to playoffs.

“The team holds a great bond we see each other almost everyday and we have team dinners once a week,” Junior Godsey said.

According to the volleyball girls Coach Landers holds high expectations for all the girls.

Although the volleyball season ended they volleyball girls continue to be together closer than ever.