Bulldogs and Hotdogs 2019

Shruti Patel, Online Managing editor

Today, September 14th, Bowie holds their annual Bulldogs and Hotdogs event in which the Bowie community gathers to raise money for clubs and classes. The event is a creative way to gather the bulldog community, whether its middle schoolers going to attend Bowie, current Bowie students, or former Bowie students. 

Junior Abby Blas attended Bulldogs and Hotdogs last year and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

“It was cool to walk around, look at the booths, and support fellow bulldogs and programs,” Blas said. “It was a really good environment and all the people were there to have a good time and support the school.”

Bulldogs, this is an opportunity to get involved in the Bowie community. Bulldogs and Hotdogs is today from 5 pm – 8 pm.