AISD’s summer production cast reaches grand heights

Amelie Hayne, Staff Reporter

Summer is coming up and the school year is finally coming to end, but that doesn’t stop the AISD theater program. This summer, students from around AISD will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming summer musical.

The summer musicals cast was decided by Randy Cantu and Marco Bazan from Bowie and Christina Burbank from Crockett. They set up a google classroom page for audition videos, and later had callbacks before releasing the cast list.

“I look forward to getting to work with students from across the district and being able to bring a musical to life that I connect to and that resignates with me,” Bazan said.

The musical opens up new opportunities for students to spend their summer being a part of a show and meeting new people.

“I am most excited to spend time with everyone in the cast and get to know people that don’t go to Bowie because the cast often gets super close because we spend so much time together,” junior Maya Armand said.

The summer musical is called ‘In the Heights’ and is about a group of mostly Hispanic characters in Washington Heights, NYC. The group grew up together in this very close-knit neighborhood, and reconnected as adults.

“I do like the musical choice because ‘In the Heights’ is written by Lin Manuel Miranda who also wrote Hamilton…the music is so upbeat and fun and the rap element makes it stand out,” Armand said.

There are two casts created for the musical that are brought together to collaboratively work together to create an amazing musical.

“The cast is really interesting we got a pretty good mix for both casts, I have full trust in the directors that they believe in who they casted,” junior Eric Larson said.

Rehearsals begin May 30 and will be held through July 11, and performances will be held at the AISD Performing Arts Center.

“I am most excited for the fact that I’m going to spend the summer with great friends and getting new opportunities in the AISD summer musical,” Larson said.

Larson is playing the role of Usnavi in the musical, in which he owns the bodega and plays a fun character filled with spirit and joy.

“My favorite part about being in the theater program is that we are a company, community, and a family,” Larson said.

Musicals require a lot of hard-work and dedication put in by everyone who is a part of the production.

“The most rewarding part about being in a musical is seeing other people’s faces when you greet them after the show,” Larson said. “For me, it’s really about making the audience feel something and making their experience fun…and [putting] on the best possible show.”

The summer musical would not be possible without the efforts of the directors, technicians, actors along with everyone participating and helping make the production possible. The show dates have not been announced

“Being a director allows me to be creative and collaborate with students, while getting to see a production from the ground up,” Bazan said. “Also having a vision  and fulfilling that vision the best way you can, while still enjoying the process.”