Reflecting on high school as graduation date approaches.

Natalie Aman, Columnist

Do you remember how you would always roll your eyes when your parents would tell you how cute you were and how “you just shouldn’t ever grow up!” And how it mildly annoyed you when they would make a fuss on your birthday because you weren’t going to be their sweet little baby for much longer?

Well I must admit I am definitely on their side now.

I, for one did a lot of growing up this school year. But at the same time I’ve been desperately trying to grow back down.

Senior year has been one for the books for sure. As I’ve walked y’all through in the past four issues, we’ve applied for colleges, scholarships, jobs, and have checked off a number of our beloved senior traditions. How bitter sweet.

Now as we stop getting ready to leap into life after Bowie, and actually do it, I think we have to remember what to let go of and what we still need to be holding onto.

There’s so much talk of wanting to escape this place and finally move onto the next chapter, and trust me, I’m with you. But I also one for slowing down and living in the moment as our time together shrinks.

Hold onto those memories that make you smile uncontrollably when you think of them, and the friends that you can call at the drop of a hat, and hopefully a little math and English in there somewhere.

Let go of those test grades that didn’t reach your standards, or that drama that seems impossible to escape.

Do me a favor and take that risk you’ve been wanting to take, say hello to that person in your class you’ve been wanting to start a conversation with, and don’t take the people you see everyday for granted.

This may have turned into some corny letter, but I sincerely mean every word. Seniors, make the most of it and finish out the year as the best version of yourself possible.