Prom with alumni

Graduates under 21 can attend dance

Rachel Baschnagel     , Copy Editor

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After the unanticipated ban of graduated students at the 2018 Homecoming dance, rumors began to surface of the same policies being implemented at Bowie’s class of 2019 prom.

The administration indicated that prom is open to anyone 20 years of age or under who has been invited by a current Bowie student as a guest. Any high school graduate prior to the year 2017 will be allowed to purchase tickets, and attend prom accompanying a date.

“They have to be twenty or under and they have to bring in a guest form, which will be available on the JBHS website soon,” 2019 class sponsor Jacob Morgan said.

“Prom tickets went on sale on April 1, so they will have plenty of time to get that filled out.”

In addition to a guest form, graduates will need to present their government issued identification at the time of the ticket purchase and upon entering the dance. They must be accompanied by a student. The dance will be located at the Westin Hotel, and the means of thoroughly checking ID’s will be enforced.

“If they are not an AISD student, they will need to bring a photocopy of their ID to buy their tickets as well as when they show up to prom, they have to have their ID  present at the event too,” Morgan said. “Just the copy of their ID will need to be there, so the [Bowie student] can bring their guest’s copy of their ID to buy the tickets.”

Students will be allowed to invite graduates or students from other schools, making prom’s open attendance policy more flexible for students. Principal Mark Robinson confirmed Morgan’s statements by stressing the age requirements and process of entry.

“No changes to prom have been announced or are planned,” Robinson said. “Graduates, former (JBHS or otherwise) students 20 and under, are all able to attend as they have in the past, according to the same guidelines and process.”

Morgan stated that the age guidelines will be strictly adhered to for the safety of students and their dates.

“If they turn 21 the day of prom or before, they can’t go,” Morgan said. “They have to be 20 or below.”

More information on prom policies can be found in the email sent to students by  the administration on Thursday, March 14. Because of such strict regulations, questions will be accepted and answered by email, or visiting administration in the front office.   

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