Senior event confirmed

Graduating students invited to celebration

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Graduation night is statistically one of the most dangerous nights for teenagers due to the risks of impaired driving and car crashes, according to the American Automobile Association Foundation. Project Graduation was started to make graduation night safer, touted as an all-night alcohol-free, drug-free, lock-in party.

This school year, the last day of classes is on May 24, while graduation is on May 31. This schedule may have been a reason for less interest in Project Graduation due to a week-long gap between the two events. Nevertheless, Project Graduation is still happening and ticket prices will remain at $150 until April 15. After that prices will increase to $200.

“We have had some trouble getting enough seniors to sign up, but now that we do it’s on for sure,” Class of 2019 Booster Club parent Theresa Bastian said. “There were a multitude of reasons including a delayed graduation, not everyone knowing about it. But we want to make this a fun-filled memorable night.”

The event will start after graduation at Bowie, where seniors will ride buses that take them to High 5 event center. The party will last all night long, food will be served, and there will be giveaways, bowling, pool, arcade games, karaoke, a disco dance, and many more activities.

“I have heard lots of feedback from students who attended Project Graduation in previous years,“ Bastian said. “They have really enjoyed that night; it was a special, memorable experience.”

Bastian encourages parents to sign up their senior students for this event.

“I would like to tell parents that Project Graduation is a safe, low risk activity on a dangerous, high risk night,” Bastian said. “You can’t eliminate risk every night, but on graduation night you can minimize it as much as possible while your senior still has fun.”

For seniors, Project Graduation may be the last time they see many of their peers and classmates before every student goes their own way and forges their path through life.

“I would like to tell seniors that you most likely don’t know what you are going to be doing graduation night,“ Bastian said. “Sign up for Project Graduation and you will have guaranteed plans that are fun that night.”

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